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New Title Format Question
Being new I am trying to submit dreams in a proper format as it makes analyzing easier and faster.  The link describes a new Header to use.  My question is do we put this in our original submission, when referencing it in forums, or only when a dream comes true?  If we use it in an original dream submission which entry box should we use.  Thanks in advance, great work.
Thanks Cathartid. This is a great question. The "new title format" you've found is only for DreamForecasters (and anyone else) who want to create a new predictive headline. This is different than the dreams. The dreams at this point do not have any specific standard for title format. Thus, in the DreamBase, if you are considering establishing any official prediction during your dream writeup, you would use the extra notes section to specify your prediction. Keep in mind that even though there is no specific format there, in order to receive better scores, it would be wise to include as much detail as possible. The scoring system works in a 3-part number system, such as 3-2-5, and the numbers stand for WHAT - WHERE - WHEN. The more detail you provide on those three things, the more potential you have for better scores. The scoring system can be found here:

If you would like to begin looking at other peoples' dreams in addition to your own, or you see overlaps from your dream to the DreamBot results, then you are more than welcome to begin formulating headlines for our official prediction/headline forum:

That is a very new addition here at the NDC, and takes quite a bit of intuition, fortitude and endurance to master. I believe I have more training than anyone on this, but Sherriann clearly has mastered the art. At some point, we will formulate some official training, but for now, it's really purely ad hoc at this point, and we certainly apologize for that. Basically, let me know if this is something you want to explore, and Sherriann and I will attempt to feed you periodic training on how to accomplish it. Until then, you need not worry too much with formatting for any of your titles (as of now at least Smile )

Thanks for the question!
Thank you Eagle.

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