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11/26/14 NEW FORMAT + Fantastic Pig Abuse
We start with a word of caution. The main colored areas that I outlined are pretty much arbitrary, but they are based off of what we know from round one of surging words. Today, even though I declared yesterday that a Surge Score of about 5.00 is Red Alert area, the fact is that none of these words today would have met the initial criteria for Red Alert. Thus, I placed the red line above the whole list (i.e., there are no Red Alerts today). Also, there are two other main areas in our new screeener that did not exist prior to this. The Caution words are definitely on the move, but they just don’t meet the Red Alert criteria. The orange group at the bottom is dubbed “Iffy” because they all have issues. For example, “Emotional” is climbing but it’s still only at 50% of it’s peak about a month ago. “Epic: and “Brain” look very similar to “Emotional” in this table, but behind the scenes are some more characteristics that make Epic&Brian a bit higher than “Emotional.”

And then there’s the group in between iffy and caution, and I surmise that this group will be the primary words that will either confirm or deny another related word from reaching true Red Alert status. For example, if Shack was Red Alert quality, then I’d be looking for house, bungalow, condo, or some sort of dwelling in the rest of the list. Based on our experience from before, I would be hoping that at least one or two of those support words were coming from above the Iffy line.

Just remember that my colored lines here are all arbitrary, and we’ll be looking to create an algorithm that spells out these different levels based on how likely the words are to manifest in real life.

And now for my two hypothesized groupings. Group 1 sounds much like a fantastic pig abuse case impending. However, I certainly don’t want to overshadow the fascinating fact that Fantastic and Fascinating are nestled right beside each other. None of these words were hand placed, but rather sorted by the Surge Scale Score. It just happens that those two words are conjoined. Pretty fantastic I’d say!

Group 2 includes the name Drew or just the past tense of draw. This is somewhat significant because when we saw Drew last time, we had a lot of overlap from dreams and linguistics, but the lingo was substantially less than what it is now. Drew is at an all-time high. The last time Drew was prominent, here’s what happened:

I’ll let you scour the rest for linguistic jewels, but as you do so, look to see if I’m missing something….I really don’t see any Thanksgiving material in here (except for maybe “pig abuse” and “drunk”. I would think that day residue would be smoking on fire here, but all the big Tgiving keywords were expended in the last two weeks. I find that also fascinating. We’ll have to see what the Tgiving day residue looks like after the holiday….my bet is day residue will be shopping and buying presents, rather than on pie and turkeys. Just a guess, but it is important because this is our first really massive holiday for the DreamBot (save Halloween because all Halloween words are actually commonplace in dreamland….lol)


Raw Text for Searchability:

"Drawing" isn't far below "Drew" on the list. That's a pretty good clue, yes?

I dunno if it's a hunch or mere hope on my part, but maybe, just maybe "fantastic" and "fascinating" don't go where they are, but go with "shack, chalk & meditating." I hope they don't go with pig abuse. Oh, the fact that meditating is so near the top is indeed a blessing, IMO. We'll see, I guess. Anything can turn out to be a negative term, in a headline.

hmmm..."lab, universe and brain" could go together? lab and brain, for sure. Oh, epic could go there, too.

"Drunk & emotional" sure fit any major holiday. So many folks lonely, or both of these words because they're depressed to be in financial hardship for the holidays, unable to buy their kids Christmas gifts, etc.
That's all I've got at the first glance.

I would posit this of the current headlines... Police (pig) are (paralyzed) in their containment of events unfolding...they are unable to (perform) their sworn duties. They may resort to (possible) abuse of their powers, (drawing) upon their (brains) training to (save) the rule of law.
I'll put this one in two places. Pigs are not only found in the US, but also in Canada:

I also posted this in the Cosby thread (Ecstasy Employment):
(11-27-2014, 11:29 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: I'll put this one in two places. Pigs are not only found in the US, but also in Canada:

I also posted this in the Cosby thread (Ecstasy Employment):

Who is Lucy again?

Last month, Ms. Decoutere, who plays Lucy on Trailer Park Boys, told the Toronto Star that in 2003 she met Mr. Ghomeshi at a television festival barbeque in Banff. Later, they....
In 125 Years, Millions Of People Have Looked At This Painting. No One Really Saw It Until Now.

I know Van Gogh was a genius|main5|dl7|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D569880
11/27/2014 -1 brain
Off switch' for pain discovered: Activating the adenosine A3 receptor subtype is key to powerful pain relief
November 26, 2014
demonstrated that turning on a receptor in the brain and spinal cord counteracts

Are we on the brink of creating artificial life? Scientists digitise the brain of a WORM and place it inside a robot
11/27/2014 +1 meditating
Mindfulness program may improve some rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
By Shereen Lehman 10 hours ago
I currently do no active searching for specific topical headlines. That's why this article really caught my eye. A pig gets booted from an airline flight!

Can't make this stuff up.
"Drew" was due on Dec 17th:

One might argue that we can find Drew headlines any day of the week. Yes, this is somewhat true, and that's why we will be developing context runs surrounding these words and memes. Until then, Drew Brees catapults New Orleans to First Place and that's pretty big news (and right on time).
Drew Barrymore: Don't compare me to Gwyneth Paltrow
Published December 17, 2014
Walmart pig abuse (a little late, but could come back?):

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