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12/07/14 Dampened cycle again, Travel/Adventure is weighted
We’re back out of the exciting phase of the apparent DreamBot cycles, but there are at least some interesting things to see and ask about this run. First, “Ton Phase” is rather synchronistic to go with the drab run today. It’s not particularly heavy (except for Suicide at an all-time high), but it certainly doesn’t have the sparkle and pizazz of previous days.

Next, by having a 0% in the left column, we know that December is right at its all-time high. Significant? No (or probably not too much), but I point it out because it does seem to be dragging out longer than expected. I would expect any new month to be flatlined at about this point. Is the collective worried about December? I think it is based on many other past memes.

I have an interesting question here: What does it mean if we have four similar words in the run today, but two are in the positive area (going up in frequency) and two in the negative area (going down in frequency)? This time is more of the travel meme which was ushered in with Agent a few days ago. Explore, Travel, Journey, Adventure. Do we call it a wash, or does it signify tremendous movement and thus the collective is definitely obsessed with something new, an adventure, traveling, etc.? I tend to go for the latter, but we’ll see.

Green groupings:
1. Crazy military has been caught easily
2. Does a Halloween kid bite someone? Probably a useless question, but I wanted to highlight Halloween, because it finally broke today. It’s been hovering at an all-time high recently which is completely strange.

Up words:
ton phase cheating alright vibrations suicide wondering notes hours lead december feelings today explore travel amazing crazy caught military easy

Down words:
god wish meditating bite indeed halloween kid void definitely days village wrote hospital wed journey adventure dying wedding astral yesterday
"Military, caught,hospital, void, lead, crazy, suicide, easy?" I wouldn't doubt it, that someone that hates our honorable men and women that could save a nation from transformation, would arrange a system of care so that they'd do themslves in. Headline coming soon?

ton phase cheating, alright
cheating alright vibrations
vibrations suicide
suicide wondering notes
notes hours lead December feelings
feelings today; explore travel
travel amazing crazy; caught military easy

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