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12/11/14 Army Competition in 2015 + Bear Victor + "Smith"
Okay, with the several million Smiths out there, which one is the star of everyone’s dreams? The big talk now is Geno Smith, the 2nd year Jet’s quarterback who apparently declared himself a pro-bowl player despite his twelve interceptions and 2 fumbles this year.  And this isn’t just piddly news (apparently) seeing how many headlines are tackling his comment:

This will be interesting to see if any more Smiths want to claim elite status. Down the list we have “Bear Victor,” and this isn’t first time bear has made it in the top 10, but when looking at the historical chart, this dream word really is violently chaotic. Nonetheless, does Bear Victor imply a Russian win here sometime soon?

2015 is just now making a bid upward, about 2.5 weeks prior, but what do make of the words surrounding 2015: “Learned powerful steps 2015 ARMY competition spot base”

Group 2 is eerie: “Message December Crossed definitely”


smith cash text bear victor pat style tennis cried pond learned powerful steps 2015 army competition spot base wed message december crossed definitely

lucky advice hour yesterday alarm lying mask known dreamed fish reading shoes days island wow childhood starting visiting wrote staying sun
Will Smith popped into my mind. Who the heck is that? Maybe nobody, not sure. Such a common name, but surely one of some of the other words in this bot run are clues to which Smith.
Is someone named Smith going to pay cash to settle some type of misstep that they made in texting?!

"Bear victor" yeah cuz the bear is very angry. Even I had a dream that made that perfectly clear. Russia, oh yeah.

Don't the dreams usually point to "big" news headlines? cuz this one fits beautifully about the Army in today's run.

"Message December crossed," what? hopefully not the point of no return, concerning something. Sorry to be negative, but uh, my eyes are awake, can't help it.

Yeah, I'm a dingbat sometimes and definitely not a movie buff. Even looking at pics of Will Smith, I very much recognize him but Smith? such a funny guy has such a mundane surname?! Sure, I've heard it but it doesn't stick. Wink Maybe he's about to make the news and a text will be involved.
Will Smith is in the big Sony news story, now. SONY emails about his kids being homeschooled and knocked for it. I don't have the link at this moment but it's in one of the top headlines at for anyone interested.

Maybe this isn't the biggest story about anyone named Smith, but he came to my mind first time I read his name in this bot run. Didn't hit the news till today or last night, apparently.
December crossed= Winter Solstice
That makes sense!

What do you or anyone think about December being in so many bot runs? Yeah, it's a month and an important season but is it unusual compared to all other months, for so many to dream "December" so very many nights? Tax deadline is huge, so do folks day after day, dream "April 15" for example?
Here's a headline for this run.

The words that fit are

"powerful steps 2015 army competition spot base"

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