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12/13/14 Apocalypse spurs Chinese Advice
127 words increased last night. That’s right at about normal, making yesterday’s 208 words that much more special. A few things have shifted over the last 12 hours. Apocalypse has tumbled slightly, taking it out of Red Alert territory, but there was no question it was there last night (both in terms of the old and new criteria).

Green Group #1 makes me think of the whole Sony debacle. The movie stars are being run over by a winter train.

In Green Group #2, I think this holds probably the biggest news in the run. First, “Chinese” surges to a Cautionary level and it meets “Advice,” which suggests that the Chinese might be offering advice on something, making it a “Glad December?”

The last bit of interest, a low-level climb by this mini-phrase: DEFAULT LIKELY. DreamBot….master of the obvious. Default is guaranteed at some point, but WHEN?


UP: jim fireworks chain apocalypse today stars winter train advice chinese stories glad december pointed blow explain invisible months buy happening chicken default likely

forest ship cave fragment word dreamed cool reading test bar flew tonight sun noise power pool plane explore future river bridge
I wonder if this is an "orderly" date of if it signifies blast-off, as in a countdown. Oh, it's numerical, so I'll stop being so negative, ahem.

Didn't the Chinese invent fireworks? or only the noise-makers, fire crackers? Can't recall, now.

"Default likely" well if we're talking currency, yes but what does this refer to?
"test bar" together make sense but why is it being dreamed? Semester finals for some, true.

I don't like "apocalypse winter train" in this list not far from each other. Default and then do we find out Fema camps are real and trains indeed will be used like when Japanese were put into camps?

Looking at the first green box-today, stars, winter, train-one option to consider is today is the peak for the Geminids and is thought that it will be one of the best shows of the year.
If "fireworks" is missiles or rockets, I'm hoping tomorrow's bot run list will help to expose this.
The more I look at the Sony drama that is happening, this really has an apocalyptic feel to it. The Christmas surprise might end up WAKING people to what Hollywood is really about. There's an exec in there that has a first name JIM (last name underwood), and apparently the hackers put out some of their damning info under a folder named junderwood, but I can't find what information was put out, making me think this could be the big Jim news, since this guy moved over to Facebook (so now we have Sony, Hollywood, and now Facebook involved.)

I don't want to contaminate the collective dreams by going into too much detail, but I am looking forward to the "Christmas surprise" which might a grand revealing (aka Apocalypse).
SONY is a huge story that's not over, yet indeed. I just posted on the thread with "Smith" that Will Smith is now part of the SONY story.

Ahh, so "Apocalypse" could be a social or Entertainment Apocalypse! Whew if so, and there's not a physical earth event for this term. I hope not, but have had quakes in mind, and that Indonesian tsunami that killed more than 200,000 folks was the day after Christmas, in '04? I really appreciate your suggestion for apocalypse.
Entertainment apocalypse? Well, sort of but not really. I was referring to the alternative definition of apocalyse...the grand revealing, the veil being lifted. I was thinking that something VERY revealing is coming out apparently around Christmas, and THAT could very well be a very apocalyptic event, especially if it demonstrates secret connections inside of Hollywood or malintent, that sort of thing.

Wow, Will Smith now involved? Well, that definitely makes sense now about the Smith thing I was ignoring. Great job keeping up with that despite my incessant desire to ignore that overly common name Smile
Hey, we each get our various hunches that prove right. That's why we make a great team, like being parts of a body. I've always dug that analogy. I'm happy to just be the little toenail, okayyy...corny comments done, sorry. ahem...

Christmas, yes! didja read Drudge's headlines today? The SONY hackers promise a Christmas present and it's written about as if it's seriously huge. Okay, I had never considered the word "apocalypse" in this way. Information Apocalypse? Works for me. (I wish Snowden would bring one forth about those bringing transformation)
Does almost every dang bot run have at least 3 or 4 words that apply to CERN?! LOL here ya go...

"fireworks apocalypse train pointed blow" and hoping that "explain invisible months" does not apply to it but we can't know yet.

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