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12/14/14 WAKE: The bridge between Wave and Apocalypse!!
Project Año ends tonight, so I will give everyone tomorrow to input tonight's incubations into the database. We'll close down the Año category tomorrow evening.

New revelations today will spawn a needed tweak to the surge score algorithm, and we’ll go through that here. For now, we proceed with the current system since it will take me all day to prepare the new math equations.

SPELL BREAKING! Yes, absolutely. There’s no doubt about it. The transformation is a runaway train…cannot be stopped.

AGREE SAM DEPRESSED. Absolutely! Despite inflated market prices, we’ve been in a depression for years.

I’m worried about “Tuesday December Mall.”

Here’s the juggernaut: “Hate faded appear WAKE!”

Does this help clarify the wave meme? This apocalyptic wave is not water based, and is the only kind that can span Florida, CA, Hawaii, and other coastlines. Notice how the Biggest Losers contain our previous Red Alert words: Apocalypse, Jim, Blow, Fireworks, etc. This is actually a good sign that: 1) something’s coming in relation to those words, and 2) that the single news will be somehow relate to many or all of them.

See below the picture for changes that will be made to the surge score.


Notice the only word that has a star: WAKE. I highlighted this because this word is truly surging, but in our current scoring system it isn’t faring too well, with only a .4 score. I know exactly what the problem is here and will fix it today. In today’s run, WAKE should actually be somewhere near the top, like #1, 2 or 3. I’m sure this problem has happened a few times before, but I noticed it because of our VERY significant wave meme, and I obviously was magnetized to for that reason. Just looking at the overall architecture of that word over time, it demonstrates that we do indeed need an adjustment. Also notice that WAKE has two meanings that successfully bridge both of our biggest memes together. On the one hand, it refers to the wave meme, but on the other, we might be “waking up,” which is also confirmed by “spell breaking,” or the apocalypse, or great unveiling. I believe we are getting truly remarkable clarity on the Apocalypse that the collective is seeing in our near future. WAKE combines both big memes big memes that just about everyone is dreaming. That’s what the data suggests to me, and I’ll be running the numbers today to massage the problem that “wake” showed me today. Expect a new scoring system tomorrow. By the way, my goal is to get a sold scoring system in place and not change it. Changing it up destroys the context, and I realize that; however, this is a huge change that must be dealt with, so please bear with me. Thank you all!

160 words increased in frequency today
backlog annoying inlaw wow curious spell breaking cute dry agree sam depressed tuesday december mall simple ignored sunny girlfriend bite armor feelings visible arrives hate faded appear wake clothing beginning speed died

ship noise wild cake flew request shop blood test river fireworks knife childhood thanks power shirt awesome cool glad blow wed jim advice apocalypse
do you mean "solid" scoring system?

*my goal is to get a sold scoring system in place
LOL "annoying, inlaw!" Yeah! very apropos to the holiday season so guess some folks are nighmaring, over it. *(never mind the grammar sin I just commited with that one.)

This isn't the first day for "sam" is it? I don't think so but gotta check other bot runs.

Oh man, "died" and "wake" pretty close together. Who, what, long before we know? Is this about "depressed sam?" or maybe not.

Could "wake" be as in a funeral viewing?
Yes! could be any form of the word. Also, lots of folks, especially us southern rednecks say "wake up" instead of saying "awaken." Some will say "wake him" or "wake him up."
Esholars: "do you mean "solid" scoring system?"

LOL! Sort of a Freudian slip of sorts. Smile Yes, SOLID....and I think I've got the ticket. I'm VERY happy that Wake woke me up. Will have a much improved scoring system tomorrow.

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