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I’m very excited this morning to present a remarkably improved surge scoring system. Here’s the summary: In the past we left out surging words that had a super high averages (e.g., “Wake”), and because of the old percentage-based model, those words appeared much more neutral in our results. Well, I fixed that and decided to make the scale itself much more readable.

In this new scale, my goal was to make 100 be the line that distinguishes Red Alert words, so today, we have “Dispute” which just barely misses that Red Alert mark. Dispute also barely missed it from the original scaling system AND the one we were using as of yesterday, so the Red Alert signals appear to still be in tact. I also tried to dampen out the violent movers that jump up and down almost daily. We’re looking for words that aren’t reliably cyclic per se. Lastly, because I finessed some minimum thresholds, the Caution area is perhaps suspect. I believe it’s close to 30 points in this new system, but we’ll have to see more runs to get that right.

So, in today’s run, the theme seems to be Dance Class (“dancing” and “twist”) and a drastic improvement in some dreaming protocol (or just dreaming in general)….and then “Finally things will improve”

In the loser section, “Days” and “Day” dropped big time, and we see the “Spell Breaking” again, which is super great for the apocalypse spike we saw the last two days. I am a little worried about “Computer died before snow wow days”


UP: dispute hours class dancing really help thanks twist look fly son mean cheating well game dreaming improve finally will things while work moment does idea coming

DOWN: intense happening figure cutting annoying wake curious dry little breaking spell stories girlfriend computer died before snow wow days explain day
POSITIVE %: dispute dancing improve(s) cheating; look, twist(ed) son finally flies //  NEGATIVE %: will class really help mean dreaming things well game

Surge Scale: dispute hours class dancing really help(s) // twist(ed), look fly son, mean cheating well game dreaming improve(s) finally;  will things while work(ing) (in the) moment; does idea coming (come)?

DOWN %: little before wake happening, girlfriend snow intense day stories; curious cutting, computer died; explain dry days // figure spell breaking [breaking spell]

Surge Scale: intense happening, figure cutting annoying wake; curious dry little breaking spell stories;  girlfriend(s) computer died before snow // days explain day
Twist is a financial term that I recall from the last few years:

The name "Operation Twist" was given by the mainstream media due to the visual effect the monetary policy action was expected to have on the shape of the yield curve. If you visualize a linear upward sloping yield curve, this monetary action effectively "twists" the ends of the yield curve, hence the name Operation Twist.

Not sure that rates can get much lower, but its something to think about.
Good point, emocmo. We also have "cheating" which is also a profoundly common trend as we approach the end of a fake capitalist market.

Can rates go lower? Yes. A few weeks. ago, can't remember where I read this, but the US is one of the few places left without a negative rate, meaning people have to pay the bank interest for keeping their money for them! Negative interest rates don't necessarily indicate the inevitable collapse of our debt-based, fractional reserve banking ponzi scheme, but when everyone starts doing it, one would be well to assume it's close (the end that is).

Which reminds me....what an absolute joke this constant propaganda that the Fed is going to raise interest rates. When will they do it? June 2015, oops, maybe not until 2016. Folks, as soon as they do raise the rates, the music stops. Jim Willie says the collapse is now, but then again, he's been saying that for years.

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