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12/21/14 A Tame Solstice
Having a top word such as Recipe could mean that the dreamers are getting geared up for the big holiday feast preparation. The word “Gay” used to mean happy, but when we see the word in dreams now, I’m more apt to associate it with homosexual.  “Por” is a very strange word to be semi-surging today. Por is Spanish for the English word “For”  (n a loose translation), and so all this word does is confuse the heck out of me.

At the bottom of the positive surge scores, we have Alien again, and its interesting because we’re interacting and questioning them. Other than that, the list today shows a considerable lack of order. Most words fall into the region that I call “noise level changes.”

In the Bottom Loser section, what could be the most surprising is the very bottom, where Wild lost 100% of its hits. None of the dreams last night were wild?! I also noticed that the phrase “Invisible giant stars chain” might imply a constellation which agrees with our previous analysis of the coming Aquarius phase in January. That’s all for today. It's a very tame solstice as we head into the biggest holiday events that the DreamBot has seen so far.


UP phrases:   recipe gay por backlog individual virus tea creature dogs hidden court aunt insane session dream guess changing  ring grass interesting interact questioning alien searching helped dark mocking cell makeup current pan darkness ever 

DOWN Phrases: colors classroom teeth acting figure invisible giant stars chain cake possible will yeah boat days void sam  thank wed dawn hilarious wild            
Really? A recipe backlog of individual virus tea? Virus tea creature dogs hidden [in] court? Hidden court has an insane Aunt session? Insane session [of] dream guesse[s]? Changing ring grass interesting?

The most interesting ever interaction questioning an alien searching and helped with a dark mocking cell makeup currently panning the darkness.

Think I'll go have a nap..... Cool
individual dream changing, questioning, searching helped dark mocking current darkness

Into the Dark of the Dark

"The Earth has turned it’s face from the Sun, and the Moon has turned its face from us. It is a rare convergence, the dark of the Year coinciding with the dark of the Moon, but in the Northern Hemisphere this is our experience as the Winter Solstice aligns with the New Moon. The darkest night, made all the darker with no Moon to shine."
Recipe makes sense here in the midst of Holiday season. Tea? I dig it, as I'm a tea freak among other things. But, why's it being dreamed by so many?

Backlog's back. Hmmm...what in the world? End of year business reference??

Virus, well it's headline that the flu virus is slamming the center of the country, but so far only the typical "very young and very old" are being hospitalized.

I may be brain-farting here, but seems that interesting and interact were beside each other in a previous bot run.

I sure do imagine this sometimes and I think my thankfulness for power, like right now. We are only one huge solar flare from this happening, and most-likely millions dieing as soon as the generators shut-down, too. Carrington was long ago and we're truly overdue. Add to that for millions of us, the belief that bible's true and it's reference to the sun blasting the planet, and I sincerely and without drama say that I appreciate having power now more than any other time in my life.

(12-21-2014, 05:02 PM)aneunayme Wrote: imagine if your power went off tonight...
This is pseudo interesting. Gay and Por together imply some sort of foreign gay headline; however, POR is spanish, not egyptian:

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