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12/23/14 International Access Disabled
Today is made up of just noise-level word movements. With only 43 positive surge scores, we are definitely in one of those cyclic lulls where the whole list seems to be moving harmoniously downward. Despite that, it’s quite fascinating to see that most of the words that outshine the rest are relevant to the network outage in North Korea. We even see the word International in the lineup with Activation, Disabled, and all sorts of synonyms for Access levels, of which the North Koreans apparently don’t have any.

Here’s something interesting today: Monday surges while Friday is the Biggest Loser. These are right in line with what is expected, although the scores are much more exaggerated than usual. Also note that most of the words with positive surge scores today are right at their all-time peaks, and thus have 0% indicated in the left column. That is also quite rare…the fact that there is only one word at an all-time high, and that word is Weak. Yes, it’s a very weak day, but we’ve seen this before. It’s probably time we start hunting down the macro-level trend that causes this to happen.


UP Words:     mon weak activation administrator disabled induction international panel privileged senseless sufficient challenges introduction yoga aids gallery education permission navigation academy access initiated health design glass tech death science audio reasons private extended birth 

DOWN Words:   sure taking pretty hands think wife ill interesting moment lucky entries late realize wake mostly odd were ever fri               
North Korea back online as UN body hears 'macabre lists' of atrocities

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