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12/24/14 On the Eve of ......big internet problems?
Okay, as we descend into nothingness even further (only 19 words with positive scores today), the linguistics might be implicating our electronic villain: CHROME! Other than Rape, Drain, Roof, Health, and Glass, all the words in the upper half of the chart are administrative type words, similar to our results for the last two days.  

We did have almost Red Alert levels for similar words in recent days, like Administrator and Access, and although we certainly don’t have Red Alert scores today, the grouping and meming is pretty obvious and consistent. There’s an infatuation with computers and technology, perhaps even specific to accessing the internet.

Over the past few days, North Korea lost their internet, most likely from our own cyber command, although they’ll never admit it. The big question is whether this current, undeniable meme is day residue from that outage, or whether the collective is seeing something else coming down the pike. We’ve been warned for several years that our alleged enemies are tinkering with our electrical grid, and some even warned that lights might go out completely because of some foreign hackers.

But external electrical grid sort of stuff isn’t the only thing at stake as indicated by Group 2: “Strong agent press computer taking mind.”

I think the best solace we have about this run are the words above group2, which did not make our chart: “realize moment spiritual calm currently.” Among all the chaos (oh and there is quite a bit), there is always the spiritual calm right there in the center of it all.


UP Words:     modify delete move click panel por rape citizens chrome con final logged dreamt drain day guest roof health glass zebra

DOWN Words:   realize moment spiritual calm currently during hanging strong agent press computer taking mind sat today thanks hour minutes months lucky yet request sun
Unfortunately not, NADW...I got a 404 error on that link.
The Interview is being released on Google Plus today. My guess is that those who want to watch it on their TVs are going to have use Google Chrome. Yuck.
Funny you mentioned the Interview. I've been hearing about this crap show all day today, literally everywhere. I don't throw out the notion that all this was planned and created by Sony to get free advertising and hype over a useless movie. That's just me, though....take it or leave it. I do find it interesting that you found the Google connection here! Have a nice holiday everyone,
Ooooh, very fascinating run! Here at Christmas, hmmm....could there, God-forbid be a huge disaster that made "them" want to bring our internet down?!

"chrome" is that google chrome? "rape citizens" yeah we're being and going to be financially raped. 401K taken to supposedly prop-up a failing dollar, anyone?! Been rumored, the idea floated four or five years ago.

"final?" I wish that word wasn't in this run.

"press agent?" "taking mind" yeah that's what the MSM does as it slants and orchestrates what it wants in the collective mind of sheeple.

Xmas internet problems...yep, dreambot was right...
(12-25-2014, 06:07 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Xmas internet problems...yep, dreambot was right...

That's also Sony....obviously. *L*
"Final Logged."

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