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12/28/14 Monkey Business and Internet residue
Today, another airplane goes missing. Although today’s run does seem to acknowledge this news in Grouping #2,  we issued a Red Alert 44 days ago on Airplane that didn’t have convincing news associated with it. Well, I’ve got bad news. In that old run, once the Airplane news comes, then the linguistics says “Ebola After.” See:    (one more thing: when you see that 11/14/14 run, realize that NYC is having BIG cop news also at the same time that airplane went missing.

Okay, the next big story is that the N. Koreans allegedly called Obama “Monkey.”
Today just happens to be one of the few appearances of “monkey” in a DreamBot run, and it’s nestled right next to Chinese. That’s somewhat funny. It’s like a retaliatory accusation back at the N. Koreans, calling them Chinese.

The continued infatuation with network stuff (this time “Internet”), we’re looking at day residue now on that meme. However, group 1 indicates that there might be 3 separate events associated with network outages.


UP Words:     hours witch crossing lack dimension pools monkey chinese buy design hiking promoted part internet imagine layer grandmother flower license north verify three apparently health spreading week sat played red mark education chrome

DOWN Words:   son decided might open begin five shirt maybe hour game crazy every sort fly lately speed lots hill ever silent pregnant days ship comments
dimension pools monkey (US) and Chinese buy (by) design
Hmm, do "witch hours" have to do with "December Halloween?!" Those two words surged more than once, with December having done so more than Halloween, of course.

Was the nation North Korea that called BO a "monkey" recently? This could be a bigger deal than it sounds like, in this run, and I mean referring to him, not a bigger deal that they called him that.

Meanwhile back here in Cyber Command, they are slapping high fives for another false flag, "Yeah, we just started another war." No coincidence that this happens just as Afghanistan is allegedly drawing down. War is what makes this economy keep going, so yes, time for another one to begin.
(12-28-2014, 01:02 PM)Sherriann Wrote: dimension pools monkey (US) and Chinese buy (by) design

And it's Gmail's turn....

Gmail blocked in China, Great Firewall suspected

There have been 7 days of bot runs that have had near to nothing but tech talk and included words like chrome, [Code] zebra, administrator, [Google] glass, modify, delete, move, click, logo, design, internet and phrases like 'glass tech death'....... and finally 'Chinese'.

12-27-2014, 10:48 AM
figuring chrome mark education challenges had held dreams who auto million

Is Google going to have a problem?

Yup. *L*

China Bans Christmas And This Happens To Google Traffic

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVB5xRriIpm91y2X_q9Wa...nV80hE_-nQ]
Ebola case in Glasgow confirmed.

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