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12/29/14 Demonic is Kicking the Can
There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of congruence in today’s run, and therefore, not a lot of highlights to point out. However, when Demonic is at the top of the list, it most certainly raises eyebrows. Even though that word isn’t at Red Alert level (generally above 100 points on the surge scale), it is more than double it’s previous highest peak, which makes it a cautionary factor here, especially when teamed up with Disturbing. One thing I would like to point out is this: There is a verb form that follows our scary word, and that is Kicking. Therefore, although Demonic is scary looking at the top of our list, putting it in context is “Demonic Kicking [the can]”  i.e., Evil is over…it’s done.

And then there’s more, because right after Evil kicking the can, there is still infinite education for us. Life doesn’t end when Evil falls on its face. We just step up to a new level of learning. Heck, the linguistics even tell us that the “Gift Received [is in the] Teaching”

UP Words:     demonic kicking infinite education whispered evidence beta bowel moderation tab pet gift received teaching disturbing forever hours card drove hide childhood design lose promoted com jail shared preparing verify append controversial diary factual
DOWN Words:   fighting late strange sure apparently bad red odd met minutes ice pulling categories part grandmother wed bike day view move delete modify days
I a bit taken aback when I saw this article as the main headline at Drudge just now...
Yes! By what parameters was this decided, and by whom?! Details matter.....this doesn't jive with mere common sense and awareness.

This bot run isn't screaming future to me, but maybe with a couple of other bot runs with it, it will soon.

"Pet" and "gift" make sense because a lot of dogs and cats are given as gifts, I suspect.

"Bowel" and "moderation" this time of year seem like a no-brainer. Folks dream of what they did to themselves, or/and what they best watch during their celebrating would seem to make sense.

"Demonic, kicking, evidence, whispered, all with education!" Hmmm.....heh heh I this an indication that "Common Core" in govt./public schools kicks into full gear? I wouldn't doubt so. Watch for CC making headlines again very soon, is my hunch.

Eagle1, are you sure that "demonic kicking" has to mean that evil is done? Please bounce this off of your intuition. What if it means that evil is the one doing the kicking? Think so, this time?

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