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12/30/14 Crap Zebras
Bowel just doesn’t seem to want to go away, neither does Zebra. In fact, the two are now joined it seems, along with “Beta.” Also, Colleague sounds a lot like College and Moderation is what ref’s (Zebras) do in football games. Finally, Bowel also means crap, or s@#$, as in “I’m not taking your crap anymore.” So here we go, let’s walk through this one because I think this has already taken place, or at least this is the type of stuff is coming out of our Zebra meme:

Taking group 1, we have extended college games on Monday that displayed a bunch of crap (bowels) from the refs (zebras), who are inexperienced (beta) in moderating football games. Case in point is this rogue staffer at A&M who eludes punishment for his actions:

Lower in the list, be aware that we’re headed for days with zero police, which is interesting that this shows up just under “Protect Royal.” Also in the loser section, there’s some strange hint of losing cute women in college (sports?)


UP Words:     request colleague extended mon bowel zebra beta moderation tab reaction paid interpretation view protect royal dreams headed days zero police flashed buy hours jobs append controversial diary factual gilded indonesia pid resource preparing 

DOWN Words:   foot check lost child fighting straight taking pushed broken minutes fri future lose cute women ever played college glasses awake disturbing             
(12-30-2014, 10:31 AM)NADW Wrote: I feel so lost looking at this list.... thank goodness for the DFers

Part of the confusion could be that some are focusing on zebra as black and white referee jerseys (sports) and others on (Code) Zebra that has to do with the tech world (cyber war). Smile
Mom gets creative when daughter asks for zebra for Xmas
I wanted to clue everyone in on a very important side project that I wanted to get done before the next semester started, and I'm well on my way. It involves integrating DreamBot2 with the newer DreamBot4, and basically all I'm doing is tagging our word dictionary with meaningful data, otherwise considered ARCHETYPES.

Although I haven't done any of the necessary mathematical associations yet, I can tell you that humanity RIGHT NOW is 4 times more positive than negative, 5 times more strong than weak, and about twice as Active compared to Passive.

I'll have more on this later, and my theories about how this will help us, but I'm looking at these 100 or so categorical tags and just foaming at the mouth. I believe that there is an infinite abundance of meaning in these runs that are still yet untapped. This next integration will hopefully catapult us into many more insights about future trends.
Nothing jumped out at me, at a glance so I read your comments before posting, Eagle1. Hmmm, losing cute women in college sports, does this and zebra hanging in there point to a really bad event at a college bowl game, hence the cheerleader types stay away from near-future games? That sure could be where the loss is going to come from.

"Zero police?" Well, again some horrible event or social chaos after said event could give us zero police because I don't blame that thin blue line one bit of they stay home to protect their own, someday.

Wow, Eagle1! We're strong, vocal and active and much more positive than negative?! That makes sense, personally. My eyes are wide open, I see the bad and there's a proverbial load of it, but for me and mine personally, I feel a peace that doesn't makes sense with the height of bad in this world and nation right now.

Looking forward to more of your reports on this. Whew.....oh yeahhh.
A proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID controller) is a control loop feedback mechanism (controller) widely used in industrial control systems. A PID controller calculates an error value as the difference between a measured process variable and a desired setpoint. The controller attempts to minimize the error by adjusting the process through use of a manipulated variable.

request colleague extended bowel
colleague extended bowel
(Code) zebra moderation tab reaction paid
interpretation view protect royal dreams
headed days zero police flashed buy hours jobs
controversial diary factual
gilded Indonesia PID resource preparing

Happy New Year, everyone!!
Big blowout at the Rose Bowl.

Now the internet has a new meme pertaining to Jameis Winston:

Which led to this story, about Jim(bo) Fisher defending Winston's contact with a ref during a game:

These are all probably irrelevant but the caught my eye, given the variety of bot words that related.
Holy pedophiles, batman! And how about the linguistics hitting on all cylinders here?

Lingo: "reaction paid interpretation view protect royal dreams headed days zero police flashed buy hours jobs append controversial"

News: The governmental blackamailing underground sex slave system is about break loose!!!

The other important thing here is that first word of the linguistics. This is EXACTLY what we were told to watch out for earlier today (Jan 3rd, 2014)! Our biggest surge score yet was VIEW, and we were all wondering what January reaction we were supposed to view. Well, I believe this is it. When nothing happens to these politicians, you can expect one huge reaction from the common folk. Fireworks begin, please....the underground sex system is well documented, but only in alternative sources. I hope that's about to change.

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