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01/01/15 Ordinary Jesus says Welcome to 2015
Mr. DreamBot says Welcome to 2015, and then splats a petition for Jesus to help us with the “Beta Disease.” The good news is that in the overall context of the run, we find ourselves twice as positive as negative, collectively. However, there is that nasty beta disease that just seems to keep lingering around in our linguistics. There’s also this guy named Jay, or is it blue jay(?), and it seems to want to describe this new disease somehow.

But maybe this whole discussion is frivolous, because lower in the run we have (at Group #3), “Gross time escaping hours.” (Moving on to 5D?)

And then in Group #4, it seems that a University initiates a new section or new line of study that is very controversial.

Funny how “Witch” drops to the very bottom on the same day “Jesus” is up near the top. Just one question: What’s up with ORDINARY Jesus? Does this imply a regular person with that name instead of the God version? Or is the Beta Disease not a strong enough one to warrant an extraordinary petition to Jesus, but rather, just an “ordinary prayer?”

And with that, enjoy the bowl games, will ya? Look out for those zebras.


UP Words:     2015 dear ordinary jesus days evidence jay beta disease moderation tab meditation view wed gross time escaping hours forest had personality hour university initiated append controversial diary factual gilded

DOWN Words:   2014 word child maybe story hand interesting paid happen might power wont request wife headed shows haunting train character vivid sun glass day comments witch
So in that case, perhaps some guy named Jay gets one of these Beta (gene) disorders?
Wow, cool beans! The collective consciousness has Jesus on its mind to start off the new year. I'm very glad to hear this.

"Beta" not going away. Who or what is about to be a trial run? Hope it's something innocent if not even very positive. So, I'm negative for not liking it? Beta close to disease in the list so maybe some new Ebola program is about to be revealed.

"Meditation" for the new year, yes! that's the can help us through anything that's going to happen, like riding a storm out.

"Jay." Jay Leno? Hmmm.....wonder who is about to make the headlines. Bet we'll soon know, but then it could be 53 days from now, approx.

"Gross time escaping" is a rut row.

"University initiated controversy" is sure believable. Nutty stuff happens in some of them these days.

This sounds like it may be a fruitful bot run with more than one headline.

Yes! by being the brain behind it or donating millions to the successful discovery?

(01-01-2015, 01:50 PM)NADW Wrote: Maybe Jay is the scientist who finds a way to help cure the Beta Gene Disorder.
Just remember that Jay doesn't have a particularly impressive stat here, so I think I'd be more apt to look at the phrasings....thus, probably has more to do with the beta disease if anything.
"meditation" is in this bot run, and here's a headline of today's good news.

I do remember that it was in at least one other bot run, in the "down" word list. Seems like it's likely in another run, also, if not two. I wonder.

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