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NDC Forecast for 2015: Annual Predictions
Actually, one of the slides I'll be talking about for the IASD Conference in June will have to do with accuracy scores versus how many hits that have manifested. In summary, the bigger the overlap in dreams and linguistics, the more accurate the eventual score, AND the more hits the meme will get. Therefore, it's still important to document higher level hits even for those predictions that have already come true.
(02-27-2015, 10:55 PM)Sherriann Wrote:
(02-27-2015, 07:48 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: I thought the last Vatican headline was a bullseye hit, but this one's good, too.

Not sure why I'm still waiting for something bigger..... Hmmmm.....

I've got the same niggle Sherriann. Can't explain it.
'Tis why I haven't posted a dream hit (partial or otherwise) on it yet.
Is this big enough?
Monday, February 16, 2015
Papal Signaling: Pope Francis and the False Dichotomy Featured
Written by Megaera Erinyes

And they are wholly on the side of the Kasperites, adhering without an iota of divergence from the basic presumption in Kasper’s proposal: that the law of God must be overturned or ignored for the sake of extending the mercy of God. A contradiction that is totally incompatible with all of Catholic theology, with logic and natural reason.

The gravity of this looming crisis cannot be overstated. If this proposal is adopted, it will be more far-reaching than any other of the post-Conciliar manipulations like Communion in the hand or altar girls. This will strike, in one blow, against the very pillars of the Faith: the Eucharist and the priesthood. The Eucharist, the presence of which was barely preserved in the New Mass, will be systematically desecrated. And those who will be expected to do the desecrating will be the priests, who will certainly be punished if they refuse.
yeah probably it is escolars it may not seem like a big deal, but it is, its strange when you leave a religion, how easy it is to get back up to speed with the tenets of said religion, however boring it is to read about. Lately, cos this is a big freaking deal in a village in Ireland, one of the prayers after communion changed. Right in the middle of all the abuse scandals and terrible stories revealed they decided, apparently after 50 years of academia that in fact they were wrong, i will have to find the exact prayer. But now instead of saying, I have sinned, you now have to repeat it three times. When i saw it I was so cross, as now its a spell, I am a sinner or I sin. I promise I will find it but I have looked a bit and it won't come to me. I said I would not repeat anything 3 times, doesn't that seem weird? and everyone just looked at me and said , yeah, that is weird, why do we have to do that.

even old ladies in catholic ireland are changing their minds rapidly, like even ole ladies who have been indoctrinated can change….and they are all very cross…angry….
Año 01: Tanker truck crashes: poisonous gas flows though Chinese valley

If we want to think of this metaphorically, the smog issue has turned into a 'tanker' truck' thanks to a documentary film.
Who can argue that smog isn't poisonous and normally, smog hangs in lower lying areas.

Beijing Bans Discussion Of Viral China Smog Documentary

Smog Documentary Helps Second China Entrepreneur Reach ...
Forbes-Mar 3, 2015
Widespread interest in a new documentary about China's appalling pollution has helped a second entrepreneur involved in the country's ...
After Chinese Smog Documentary, Oil Industry Pushes Back
Wall Street Journal (blog)-Mar 4, 2015
The Anti-Pollution Documentary That's Taken China By Storm
NPR (blog)-14 hours ago
Smog blankets China once more –- this time online
USA TODAY-Mar 3, 2015
Documentary Puts Smog on Front Pages of Chinese Newspapers
New America Media-9 hours ago
China gripped by smog documentary 'Under the Dome'
Mashable-Mar 2, 2015
A documentary examining the deadly effects of smog on China's population gripped the country after its release online this weekend.
Smog Documentary Goes Viral in China
Voice of America-Mar 2, 2015
Only In China: Why A Smog Documentary Sends Chinese Stocks ...
Forbes-Mar 2, 2015
Smog film captivates Chinese Internet
CNBC-20 hours ago
China Pollution Documentary Draws 200 Million Clicks Amid Smog ...
Hollywood Reporter-Mar 3, 2015
Año 02: January 22, 2015 – Asia (China and/or Japan): New Medical Cure Discovery/Breakthrough

TIANJIN, China, Feb. 6, 2015 /PR Newswire/ -- At the "Symposium on the Application of Genetic Testing in Individualized Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumor" recently held in Tianjin, the research team led by Professor Hao Jihui of the Pancreas Oncology Department of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital announced that they had achieved a major breakthrough in the field of nano-carrier drugs for pancreatic cancer.
Wonder why this drug is only useful for pancreas cancer. Maybe the specific hormones and chemicals in that area. Great find.
Año 09: Gold Market has major problems like a default or theft or a public acknowledge that some country’s gold reserves are (gasp) empty! Most likely Canada.

Robbers take $8.5 million in gold from Canadian mine refinery in western Mexico

Ano 15 - September 2015 – Ten year old boy reincarnated remembers a small life-changing act he performed in Nazi Germany 1933-1945.

This Child Can Recall His Shocking Past Life In Great Detail

Age: 10; WWII; american fighter pilot shot down
Año 12: April 2015 – Barack and Michelle Obama are acknowledged/represented in some manner in an American Presidential Museum or the National Museum of American History; perhaps virtually.

So it is in the works...

March 25, 2015 - The battle over the Barack Obama Museum and Library just got geographical

Año 17: November 14, 2015 – Electrical grid event disrupts communication; disaster planning initiated.

[sherriann] November 15, 2014 – Circuit Breaker OFF
I was looking at a circuit breaker sticker identifier. It read November 14. I heard the distinct sound of a large circuit breaker being thrown (the grind and thump) and then there was darkness. I had the dream on the morning of November 15 so November 14 would be in 2015.
Nice hit, there, Sherriann, but if I may be frank.....BARF Cool
(04-14-2015, 12:56 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Nice hit, there, Sherriann, but if I may be frank.....BARF Cool

It is what it is...... *L*
Yep, we constantly keep relearning that lesson. Not very many of these headlines/predictions of ours are things we WANT to happen.....they just are. Well said (and VERY well predicted, too)!
Ano #10. Yep, looks like the big headline is still right on schedule!
25 years ago I visited Greece. We arrived on a Sunday. On Monday , when the banks would have been opened, the entire country went on strike, banks included. Believe me, it is no fun to be in in Greece and not have any access to money. I didn't even know that banks could go on strike. haha
Just yesterday I read that Greece is already taking some depositor's money. I think it's folks that owe taxes? Surely not blantantly just "taking" money, not another "bail-in" I don't think, soon do they officially default?? two? three weeks?
Año 27: Near the end of March 2015 – Medicine Hat Tigers Win the Cup

Lost by 1 in 90 minutes overtime against the Calgary Hitmen. So close!
Año 29e: Launched rocket spins out of control and strikes land.
Outstanding, there Sherriann!! Girl's got talent!
Año 10 and 11 are right on time! This news is an official #CameTrue for Año 10 regardless of what actually happens. The second part of the prediction was "Another round of economic crisis in Euro-land."

#CameTrue 5-1-1

This story may unfold such that Año 11 is required (a new form of monetary exchange).

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