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01/02/14 Wrist Gamer & more Beta Disease
Is this the end of surges? We’ve got a sticky set of words that don’t want to go away. For example, Beta Disease and Jay Moderation, even Jesus. However, today, we’re given Wrist Gamer.

There are, however, a few interesting phrases in this run. Check the overlap on trains between group 1 and group 2. In the first, a female is abducted, and in the second, a special ball is used(?) to attack a train?? Probably pushing the linguistics envelope with that one. I’ll let you digest the rest.


UP Words:     2015 wrist gamer shown day beta disease jay moderation tab jesus license eating quiet gear ordinary sub female kidnapped breaking disabled append bowel controversial diary factual gilded indonesia pid resource uniform preparing letting

DOWN Words:   field interesting first travel attack moment dogs today closer onto maybe december special ball train comments hours cat dreamer demon glass 2014 aliens request recently hour minutes mon
I bet if I'd hang with a search engine for more than sixty seconds that there's something even newer than October about this!

Also, some of the insanity of public/govt. schools' new "Common Core" crap is that they want the students to wear electronic bracelets on their wrists and have a cam looking at their pupils! Kid ya not....and I saw the govt. booklet about this CC program. Even mentioned using MRIs on the students!! Hmmm.....

Jay as well as Jesus is still dreamed about. Hmm...Jay's gonna fulfill I think.

Is a female substitute teacher gonna be kidnapped? I kinda doubt a submarine is gonna kidnap some chick. What other forms of "sub" is my tired mind not thinking of?


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