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1/22/15 Update on Tom & the outlook on Theater
January 12, 2015 - April jet repeated agent flat gate stone nap growing cave one currently press asking moment David orange stick powered following fancy lucky were tattoo beside type sun message up toilet square say help

January 20, 2015 - agent amazing awake superman letting hope birthday chain dream invisible 2015 act fish earlier bed dragged enter setting playing yes astral climbing there mon chance situation campus wild happy recording dog without view

January 22, 2015 - cavity topless guide john toe washing productive earthquake kidnapped armor classic wed drink encounter crystal tend boat motorcycle restaurant machine dawn scenario tennis toilet client lounge banks neck analytics imagery lemon flowing lucid

DOWN: concept yelling losing yard bank company mean latest sat agent mall error anonymous popular henry discover birthday app info self ability believe pregnancy request dreamer sun mon days disaster

No 'agent' since...
Well then, how about this interesting tidbit that embraces just about everything we've discussed in all 7 pages?
European 'false flags' - cartoonists et al-
actors, film industry players?
I realize that this news won't fit the bill for our theater event, but I find it absolutely hilarious.
Yep, got the racist aspect covered for sure...

"Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris didn't hold back in his opening number, poking fun at the perceived underrepresentation of black actors in Hollywood.

Harris said, "Today we honor Hollywood's best and whitest. Sorry, brightest."

So far, it's a dud of night....
More Tom Drama. We had Tom blowing through the stratosphere in the linguistics in January 2014.

Deflate Gate is finally catching up with him.
Heh! I was looking at that headline earlier today. Did you get a nudge? *LOL*
This is not the first time that Dreambot knew all along that the original headline was MUCH bigger then the attention it garnered initially from the media. The original deflate gate articles were given the collective eye-rolls and "who cares?" But the Bot tends to find the REAL stories that are big, regardless of whether the news agencies or the collective considers them a big deal or not. We've seen that over and over again.
Yes we have...
I couldn't remember the thread about this topic when I read this story but I see it's already covered. Big Grin

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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