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Expose of people intentionally sickened / killed
No intention. Day residue likely.

I was with my parents (many years deceased), and getting cleaned up and ready to leave; said my goodbyes. I gathered several books and met up with a friend. We went to an office building; access monitored by suited male guards wearing sunglasses. They didn't know us and were reluctant to let us enter. We showed them our elaborate expensive unique watches, given to us by the business execs, and they let us enter; we signed the visitors log. We headed for the elevator lobby but then quickly detoured to the left side corridor when security was not watching. We passed through the corridor door and walked on. There was a long narrow room on the left, with many windows high on the wall (too high to see out), with a series of cots with sick and dying people. Someone was walking among them, we believe hastening their deaths. We kept walking; we were gathering proof / evidence of the crime; we were not there to confront. We left and returned to my parents. We thought we had been spotted. We gave my parents 2 of our evidence books to hide, quickly told them the story, and said may be the end of us, keep the books safe. Security arrived to haul us away, and they went through my parents items but failed to find the books. My sense through all of this is that we were very religious and felt our mission was to expose the evil being done.
that dream felt very familiar.
I had one similar only that my healthcare background may have influenced intuitively, an illness
related mass murder/epidemic. It felt related to food intake rather than aerosol vectors or perhaps aerosol at an event serving food.
But the entities suited up at the door blew me away, whether white hazmats or authority uniforms still the same message.
I still get chills just reading your dream.
There have been several food poisoning outbreaks lately:

What I saw in my dream though, was intentional food poisonings or disease infections, or perhaps forced drug intakes, something along that nature, that caused people to die. Haven't yet found an intentional link in the news yet. Although with the flu and measels and Ebola epidemics, seems some could be intentional and we may not know for a lengthy period.

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