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2/11/15 Red Alert for Summer's big Audition
As I was adding green boxes to this list, I decided to just give up. All the UP words feel like one big interconnected meme rather than a bunch of separate linguistics phrases. I definitely see the SPACE theme…it’s actually hard to miss now that I highlighted them with blue arrows. And, uh oh, Iris’ big explosion could be implied in this run: Firemen, collision, “Rang Planets,” etc. It reminded me of Iris’ dream yesterday:

So what does this all mean? Well first of all, OBSCURE is at Red Alert levels (barely). A big, galactic explosion would not be too obscure, but seeing it ahead of time in our dreams and guessing at the causes would indeed be very obscure. Of course, Firemen would be useless for a big explosion like that so all this is just metaphoric support. I’m thinking that we’ll see an audition or practice in the near term, with the real explosion in the SUMMER (“Summer scan galaxy hitler receiving). I think that’s the big take away. Summer is the timeframe here for whatever metaphoric or literal explosions appear. I see warmups to the main event happening more in the near term.

But what are those events, and are my OBSCURE insights pointing towards the entertainment meme? I believe this run and whatever it is pointing towards is NOT the theater/entertainment meme. I believe this event will be separate. And whatever it is, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will orchestrated by the 4th Reich (i.e., Hitler). I see ABC news channel being the main hub of the “Honey” or close relationship with the 4th Reich as they air perhaps a fake spaceship collision during the event. Just know that it’s all an "electronic visualization." The last phrase in our top words say this: “Rang planets lucid seals everyday priest Europe.”  These are all time markers. When the planets metaphorically ring, that indicates the Biblical seven "seals," and then the “everyday European priest" (i.e. the Pope) will be headlined.

And for the biggest loser section…What in the heck is 2014 doing back in our lineup? Being in the bottom implies that it had a recent spike. I’m wondering if this to tell us that we missed some important dreams that occurred in 2014. Perhaps it was about a snake or glass. Either way, it appears to be a “Common Symbol.” Note that both FUN and FUNNY are intermixed on the bottom side with the 2014 phrase. This might suggest that the opposite of FUN / FUNNY is to be expected or attached to the unknown 2014 dream(s).

Lastly, I got my list converter working again, so you’ll notice the DOWN words are listed horizontally below the pic.


UP Words:     obscure firemen collision bloated audition summer scan galaxy hitler receiving honey abc spaceship gesture honestly bladder hover visualization electronic class bill imagining shared refer score rang planets lucid seals everyday priest europe spa

DOWN Words:   searching valley reading had police fun snake unknown dreams 2014 glass tree live hey symbol common funny radio meat sun science forest animals total lady stories owl congrats days

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