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2/11/15 Red Alert for Summer's big Audition
"And for the biggest loser section…What in the heck is 2014 doing back in our lineup? Being in the bottom implies that it had a recent spike. I’m wondering if this to tell us that we missed some important dreams that occurred in 2014. Perhaps it was about a snake or glass. Either way, it appears to be a “Common Symbol.” Note that both FUN and FUNNY are intermixed on the bottom side with the 2014 phrase. This might suggest that the opposite of FUN / FUNNY is to be expected or attached to the unknown 2014 dream(s)."

Could have something to do with a surge in one of the New Year predictions that were dreamed in 2014.

Otherwise, I'm happy to see you saw to separate the entertainment meme from the 'explosion' meme.

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