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2/12/15 The Explosion in Gemini (into Nothingness!)
Minnesota would likely be the twin state. It is the home of baseball's Twins and the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area (known as the "Twin Cities"). There is for your consideration North Dakota and South Dakota as well as North Carolina and South Carolina. Perhaps West Virginia and Virginia which might alternately fill the bill.
(02-15-2015, 09:06 AM)Sherriann Wrote: Which state in the US is the 'twin state"?
Also new hampshire and new england have twin state sports names as well as new hampshire and vermont….i dunno
Is it possible that our 'gemini' may also be a secret gov't lunar project unlike the Project Gemini from
1964-1966 to prepare us for MOON landing?
Bear with me,
an explosion on the moon this summer
from a killer solar flare that hits the moon or deflects off the moon on its way here?
( I am trying to upload lunar data about eclipse times in gemini- lunar positions with NO luck.) no wait! here it is--
all I can see is a lunar eclipse on or about April 4, 2015.
What far side stations or nuclear devices/machinations are up there that are volatile that we don't know about?
Heck it may explode BEFORE summer !
Uncle George keeps seeing a huge EQ in April.
Then again, it could be mass sightings from horizon to horizon that appear to be NOVA illuminated.

all possibilities to watch news for.
More than just Bob Simon dies last week- a segue on the Brian Williams meme.
Four American Journalists Dead Inside The US Within 24 Hours
yoga headline, 2 weeks after run

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