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Alligator in a Church House
In this dream, I was in this little church that looked like a house from the outside. I was with some people that I seemed to be friends with in the dream, but no one I know in real life. There was a gaping hole in the floor of the church with rubble and boards strung out everywhere so, naturally, I had to jump in and investigate with my friends waiting and watching from above. After climbing over much of the rubble, I came across a rather large alligator. Yep, there was an alligator of all things just hanging out in the rubble in the middle of the church.When I came face to face with this creature, I worried about being eaten, but more than that I worried about it eating a cat. A cat I hadn't even seen in the church but I KNEW it was there because I saw it in my mind when I looked at the alligator. It was as if that cat was the main reason the alligator was even there in the church and I felt like if the alligator got the cat, it was game over for me and for everyone. Somehow that cat was a really, REALLY big deal. So, I broke through these different boards to make a way out of the hole I was trapped in and somehow managed to make a doorway back up to meet with my friends. I thought that the alligator would be trapped there in the hole until one of the others pointed out that the alligator could just march out of the new door I made. I immediately regretted my decision and wondered if I maybe should have just stayed in the hole to prevent the alligator escaping. I was sure, though, that I would become alligator food if I did... in the dream it was worth risking my life in order to save the cat, but it was too late now because the door had already been made, so now it would be my responsibility to find a way to keep it from harming anyone. All throughout the dream, I had to wrestle the alligator and find places to put it in order to keep it from hurting anyone all while keeping my eyes peeled for the cat that was supposed to be hanging out in the church somewhere. At one point, I found a trough of water in the men's bathroom of the church and managed to wrestle the alligator into it, but when I came back to check on it later, it had gone. I could see in my mind what would happen to the cat if the alligator got to it before I did. It would bite right into the middle of the cat. I could see graphic details of the cat's struggle and it was horrifying... I couldn't let that happen... also I knew that it would kill and eat anyone else it came across and I couldn't let that happen either, so I made a plan to find the gator and to toss it into the baptism font where I thought it would be happy and have no way to escape. I soon found the alligator in the halls of the church next to a room made of glass and with the help of my friends, I was able to wrestle the alligator into the room. While in the room with the alligator, I looked to see if there was any way for the alligator to escape the room and also looked to be sure the cat wasn't in the room. There was no cat and no escape, and then I thought to myself that this was even better than what I had planned. We didn't need the alligator stinking up the baptism font, and this way I or anyone else could watch the alligator and be sure of what it was doing at all times without the risk of being harmed or devoured by it. There happened to be a large basin of water in the room, so I grabbed the alligator by the tail being very careful not to let it get me, and used all of my power to drag it into the water. This would keep the alligator busy long enough to let me escape the room and lock it behind me without the alligator charging me and trying to kill me or escape. Once out of the room, I slammed shut the glass doors. I pulled some gold rope out of my clothes and tied the door handles shut (It was a double door) then pulled out some blood-red lipstick and wrote across the glass doors the word "Dragon". Not sure why I would write something like that when it was an alligator in the room, not a dragon. My husband suggested that maybe I was trying to scare people away from the doors, but that wasn't the case. I felt like it was good for the alligator to be in the glass room so that people could see it. They could SEE it wasn't a dragon... and aside from that, in the dream I felt like my writing "dragon" was a label for what was inside the door and it was meant to warn people, not necessarily to scare them away...

Since it has become a topic of discussion for me and my husband, I'd love to know what other people make of this dream. It's beginning to kinda eat at me.
well You dreamed a hugely emotional protective dream. What are you trying to protect? Aligators and crocs are fiercely protective creatures, protective of their young. Also water creatures which is always about emotional well-being. You were also trying to protect a cat (the guardians of the other world)and other people.

So do you need to protect all these things? And in a church, a metaphorical safe place. tis for you to answer.

"More specifically, Dragons are the embodiment of primordial power - the ultimate ruler of all the elements. This is because the Dragon is the master of all the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

As a totem, the Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide. Encourage communication with your Dragon, and acknowledge your Dragon's presence as often as possible."

Don't be afraid of your dragon! heheheh

So i wrote that and then i went off about my business and it occurred to me that sounded teachery and judgmental. Sorry if thats what it sounded like. Its a question of "it takes one to know one"….I am 5 times scorpio, rising setting dancing and generally nightmarish. In Chinese I am a water OX, so if there was a more protective creature on the earth i have yet to meet them hehehehe. What i have learned though hard knocks, is that just because i am built that way doesn't mean all the people in my life need protection and that in some ways it can morph into "i know better than you", even if its all coming from a place of caring, its suffocating and unnecessary. there are time for it and times when you simply must leave people to their own devices.

I don't know if i'm digging a deeper hole by explaining….its possible… really is in my world

I didn't get the feeling that you were being "teachery or Judgmental" at all... In fact, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me, so thank you! It certainly gave me a bit to think about. I think I might have interpreted that dream, and I can't say I like it.

I'm a bit fascinated by your second statement. I know that this is probably a stupid question... but what does it mean to be a 5 times Scorpio? I'm pretty sure I'm a Libra, but I don't think I've ever heard of any particular type of Libra. I am also an Ox in the Chinese Zodiac... but how do you know if you are a water ox?
Hey you are welcome. So all chinese horoscopes come with "element", if you are an ox I guess we are the same age or you are years younger or older than I. Im 1973. If you would prefer to not say thats fine. But I can show you how to find out what element you are if you want to send me a private message. About the western zodiac, its just a question of your date and time of birth, if you know, it is easy to find out the other aspects of "influence" the day you were born. So you could be Libra, (sun sign) but also maybe taurus rising, or another influence, your 'ascendant" …etc…. various planets in their positions will have influence, if you believe this, on your personality when you are born. All of these are just the first markers, and can be the struggles you have or the advantages….

Anyway I am happy to help you with these ideas, if you wish
Thank you, GO'D! I would love that. I love learning new things! Big Grin

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