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2/15/15 Lincoln Observed and 2015's Gender issues
Update on the two timelines, since we have both CERN and Barry racing for control. Here's the next Barry move.....Barry the dictator:

New trade bill passes the senate. Why not let Barry control everything? Why not?

Ha! Congress approval rating COLLAPSES as a result:
Something...about the center of our Milky Way and CERN...I saw it! Dangme, if I find it I'll put it on your CERN thread.

(05-21-2015, 11:36 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Nanny, I love that mind of yours! What is the possibility that at least some part of CERN is to summon Planet X or to call the Annunaki or God-knows-what in outer space, just like you ask here? 

Great questions.

Short brainstorm is heading to your CERN thread. I really do want to find the link that "hit me between the eyes" so to speak. No luck yet.
read david montaigne

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