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Who's Chuck?! 'Oct Wow Serious' & Dallas isn't done! -- 10/02/14
That is a great hit Windy!!!
WINDY !! Thank you !!!
You just confirmed (for me) that P2 really does work!.
I am not off my mad hatter rocker, I sometimes piss folks off.
Don't mean to, yet that is how 'reflection' works.
Is DEMON is in the bot runs today. Nanny talked of Chani as a demon
DLP mentions if he is trustworthy - I concur..
His magic, a WOW, serious magic-
SO the Chuck hit is fabulous and spot on! Major flashback eh?
"Meme- New Earth/Quantum Leap/ reverse something destructive- whatever it is- it doesn't blow up, doesn't organize into matter, doesn't get voted on or no one shows up to vote, nada. Fizzles. DUD,
Its a P2 'thing' I have in me"

What I see here is a P2 that I put forth on the CHALLENGE to reverse a damage- [may be more somewhere in the news world]
the headlines the next day-
maybe this will lead to more scrupulous dealings with the NFL/AFL.....
this is just a start.

How long has this corruption been going on- hurting the reputation of a worldwide loved sport?
Does one wonder about our own football corruption/cover ups?
I'd bet the Superbowl several years ago between Pittsburg/Seahawks where the ref's threw the game with bad calls
was an overt start. Lots of money on that game. Now look at the Patriots and how many ball teams may have been cheated out of a chance to go to the SB in 2015.
When will people start to wake up?


Nanny said to watch out for Demon/Devil in the bot run today?

If this is true, then that is three hits in a row for Nanny with a perfect P2 score. In today's run, the the third word had an impressive surge score of 72.5.

....and the third word was?.....

Can we insert some twilight zone or halloween music here?! I just got online...what a welcome, LOL. I gotta go read this botrun.

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