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Nut Bin
Last night I dreamt that I was waiting in some sort of waiting room. There was a TV in the room playing the Harry Potter movies. I haven't watched those movies for years now, so I was really into it, but this woman kept talking loudly throughout the movie making it very difficult for anyone to enjoy it. Anyway, the kids around me started getting upset and after asking whoever it was to kindly lower their voice several times without looking back, I turned around to see that it was Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter!  Or at least the actor that plays that character. Anyway, she started hurling insults at me and went on and on about killing Harry Potter (who, in my mind seemed real... for a moment anyway) and so, I grabbed her hand and pulled her down into her seat and told her that I wouldn't allow that. She pulled her hand forcefully out of my own, and because I have rather long fingernails, I accidentally scratched her, and she scratched me. She looked at her hand and saw I had somehow managed to scratch a 69 on it... so she called security. I apologized to her when it dawned on me that Harry Potter wasn't even real and she was just an actor... and I told her that I was sure I didn't hurt her, in fact, I could scratch myself in the same way, and feel nearly nothing. She didn't need to arrest me. I flipped my hand over to scratch myself as well, and saw that my hand also had a 69 that she had scratched into it, I thought that I shouldn't have to prove anything since she had scratched me as well, but since I felt bad about scratching her and had already promised to scratch myself, I flipped over my other hand and scratched a 71 into it.

Apparently, this did not appease her and she continued to try and have me arrested. Now, I was surrounded by celebrities, all with disapproving faces. They were acting as if I was jealous of them or as if I was just out to hurt them. I assured them that I care about what they do as much as I care about what a cashier does, or what the guy making my sandwich at subway does and the same way any of them care about what I do. To me, they were just entertainers, that's all they do, and I could care less about what they do, so why would I go out of my way to purposely harm them? However, I did apologize. I felt horrible.  Even though I was sure that actress was lying or at least exaggerating about me hurting her, I felt terrible that I had scratched her and terrible that everyone thought that I could be so hateful as to harm someone, ANYONE, on purpose. After apologizing, I explained to them that I had been exhausted. I had been getting little sleep and sometimes would miss out on sleep for several days in a row. Then one actress (One I know the face of but not the name) popped up in a nurse's outfit and told me that I had some sort of weird condition (I forget what she called it) and that she could help me. The actress I had scratched was very angry that I wasn't being arrested, but left me alone as the other actress dragged me into another room. She sat me in a chair in another waiting room and told me she'd be right back. This waiting room looked a bit like a drug store. I was siting next to some shelves with see-through plastic bins. I saw that the bins were full of nuts. BIG nuts in shells. Maybe walnuts... so I reached in and grabbed one. It was carved into the shape of a head with a face. I didn't recognize the person it was carved to represent, though I felt like I should. Curiosity struck me, and I pulled out the little bin to find more nuts with faces. Right on the top was a nut that looked like Bill Clinton. It was so perfect and detailed... and also, it kinda tickled me a bit. I grabbed that one thinking that I wanted to show it to my husband, and dug around a bit more. It seemed like all the nuts were shaped like president's faces. All the presidents were nuts! I was giggling uncontrollably as I dug around in the nut bin, but then I noticed another bin above the one I was digging in. I saw faces I knew to be presidents in that one too but I didn't recognize those faces, also there were nuts shaped like swords. I didn't get a chance to pull that bin out and dig in it because the actress dressed as a nurse returned.  She prepared a syringe with some sort of clear liquid and told me that it was the stuff women used to help them have babies. I looked at her and blinked then told her that was the exact opposite of what I needed. She told me that it would only improve my chances of conception by 30% and that I would sleep like a baby. I begrudgingly allowed her to stick me with the needle because I felt like if I didn't, I would be arrested. When she finished, she smiled and told me I was free to go. I remembered that I was holding that Bill Clinton nut, and since I didn't know where to pay for it, I tossed it back into the bin then I went back through the first waiting room to collect my things and was about to head out when I saw a man wearing a blue and white flannel shirt just exactly like the one my husband has that I often steal and use as a jacket. I walked towards the man, thinking it was my husband, but as I got closer, it seemed to me that his shoulders were too wide. I got closer and noticed that even while sitting down, this man seemed to be taller than my husband. I knew for certain this wasn't my husband, but I had to walk past the guy to leave out anyway, but as I got even closer to him, I noticed he had dirty blonde hair. As I passed him, he slowly turned to look at me... he was an old ex of mine. A very abusive man who had nearly killed me. He was sitting a chair holding a baby girl. Horrified, I looked strait ahead hoping he would not see my face and recognize me as I all but ran out of the building. When I got outside, I searched desperately for my husbands vehicle, but couldn't find it. I ran frantically from car to car hoping to find my husband before my ex found me... then I heard running. I turned see my ex storm out of the building and start running for me. I ran as fast as I could too, but my ex caught up with me and tackled me to the ground and began hitting me. I curled up into a little ball until it stopped, then peeked out at my ex who was now running his fingers over my bloody cheek telling me that he forgave me for having him arrested, and now he would be taking me back home with him where I was supposed to be. I was too weak to fight him as he picked me up and put me into the back of his little black car. I stared at the back of his seat as he drove me to a house.

When the car stopped and I heard the door open, I got up and shot out of the car like a rocket. I ran down a hill to a neighbors house. I ran right into the house and shut and locked the door behind me. The house belonged to some childhood neighbors and they were not happy with me just barging in, but I cried and explained to them that there was a man outside trying to kill me and right then there was a knock on the door. One of the neighbors (the mother of the house) opened the door to find my ex there who demanded that they hand me over. I grabbed at the woman's shirt and begged her not to. She looked at him, then at me, then at him again and slammed the door shut and locked it. Then she pressed a big red button on the wall and this awesome futuristic steel armor covered the windows and shielded the house. I had to call the police quickly because I knew he would cut the phone lines.

When the police arrived, they arrested my ex... again. I saw that the DA himself was there and he looked worried. I over heard him talking to the police about a new law that had been passed. People that had been arrested for multiple horrific offenses would be put to death rather than sit in prison only to be released again. I had mixed feelings about this. Part of me thought it was fair and part of me thought this was REALLY bad and creepy. The DA walked over to me and apologized. We watched my ex along with a friend of his get thrown into a police car. Before the police could slam shut the door, my ex yelled out to me that this had been the second time I had him arrested... he said that when he got out he would be sure to kill me. I moved to hide behind the DA, who turned and assured me that my ex would not be leaving jail again. An old friend of mine named Ashley showed up... she had a new boyfriend who was much older than her (she is about my age, the man was around 50ish)... she said that she had seen the whole thing go down and asked if I needed a place to stay. I told her I did. She said that whenever I was ready, she and her boyfriend would take me home with them. First, though... the DA wanted to talk to me. He flagged me over to his vehicle and asked if I needed a ride. I told him I did not but thanked him for his offer. He started talking to me about something rather odd. There was a fawn that had been kicking up a new tree that he had planted. He showed me three small trees. I would guess that the trees were maybe around three years old...  two of the trees were to the left of his bright red car, and the other tree was to the right growing in some sand. I saw the fawn he was talking about kicking the sand from around the tree. It was cute, but I understood that it was not good for the tree... then again, all of the sand probably wasn't either. I got the feeling that the fawn wanted to poop on the tree... which I actually kinda thought would be good for it... the DA, however, was VERY unhappy about it. He meant to kill the fawn, but I begged him not to and shooed the fawn into the woods nearby, hoping that it would handle it's business when the DA left. The DA rolled his eyes at me and asked where I meant to stay. I told him that I would be staying at my friend Ashley's house for a while. He made a quick note of that on a yellow sticky pad he fished out of his pocket and then walked over to Ashley's vehicle. It was old and falling apart... the inside was cluttered and dirty... but I didn't really have much of an option. I wasn't going to drive off with a stranger. The DA sighed and told me to be careful before he walked over to his car and drove off.

I went home with Ashley to find out that she lived in a tiny travel trailer. There was hardly any place for me to stay in there and it was just as dirty and cluttered as her vehicle. She called me into her bedroom. She and her boyfriend were sitting on their bed. It was made and looked nice compared to the rest of the room that was filled with trash... but when she moved around, I heard her bed make crunching noises... so I knew that her bed was also full of trash under her comforter. That was none of my business though. I was just glad to have a place to stay. I was looking throughout the rest of her trailer to find that her cabinets, ironing board, and other things did not work. They either didn't open or didn't function in one way or another. I wondered how she had managed to live this way for so long. I really felt bad for her to the point that I thought to myself that whenever my husband found me, I would offer to take her home with me because I didn't believe she could be healthy or happy living this way. I was about to curl up on her dirty couch to catch a nap, when I heard a knock at the door. The DA had come over. Ashley and her boyfriend came to the front door as well, and the DA said that he was going to donate a somewhere around $1,230,000 to me to fix up the travel trailer so I could live there comfortably. I got a kick out of that when I woke up, but in the dream it seemed to make sense to spend so much on a trailer rather than just build a new home... Ashley and her boyfriend were jumping for joy, but I felt indifferent about it.

Somehow, later in the dream, Ashley and I got into an argument over something, and she told me that she wanted me to leave her home. Somehow, she had thrown in my face the fact that the DA was giving her money to fix up her house. She was being rather cruel to me and I felt like her anger towards me was unjustified... I rolled my eyes at her and said the DA wasn't giving her anything. If I left, she would receive nothing because the money was for me. The DA was the reason my ex had been released and the reason that my ex had the oppertunity to attack me again and if the public found out, he would lose his job or worse. I told her that the ONLY reason the DA was throwing money at me was because he was at fault and wanted to keep me from exposing him. I folded my arms and gave her the stink eye while she thought about that for a minute, then I woke up.

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