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2/19/15 More Bruce and probably Ben too
Okay, we see much of the same lingo today, but there are some newbies. For example, take FOX. When I read group 1, all I can think of is how Fox TV channel will somehow team up with Bruce Jenner. Look at all the words related to RISE: Fox Bruce rise upwards progress…..

My gosh, is this whole run about Bruce? It wouldn’t surprise me seeing how much mainstream hubbub there is about him. We have not only IDENTITY but also KNOCK GENDER.

I didn’t pass up AQUARIUM, but now that we have the exact person it’s probably indicating (Benjamin Netanyahu), I was looking around at the context surrounding Aquarium. PASSES REFERENCE sounds a lot like PASSES REFERENDUM, and it probably will have something to do with STRUGGLING FAMILIES.

Group 3 down in the biggest loser section might indicate a problem with a church, maybe a hostage situation that lasts 5 days?


UP Words:     sync spa bye wed stretch serious fox bruce rise upwards progress protected sticker identity courtesy distinct brush fantastic skip struggling families draw aquarium passes reference naturally wolves knock gender faced limited thomas campaign

DOWN Words:   love spinning trip job string read void hours card yes exercise singing counter thanks bag losing spiritual ball wild wow song minute rooftop neat bridge church intense extended five model mon
This just came into my email-
With all the hub ub over in the EUKraine, disclosure is on the HORIZON
'splains some interesting 'spacey' stuff including the moon, Vatican, movies (entertainment) and others..
" anyone is “losing their minds” about aliens, it must be pointed out, it is certainly not Russia, but the Vatican
"With the recent discovery in the Russian city of Vladivostok of a 300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel, and scientists, astronauts and YouTube users reporting increasingly strange happenings on the moon,..."
hahaha, i posted that yesterday but in a different section. super interesting isn't it, along with the white house aid, who will become Hilarys Clintons campaign manager, said his only regret leaving the white house was not getting them to admit or honor the disclosure movement. You would think they would be the top stories but nope.. because silence is consent i guess. Because if they thought it was a load of rubbish, you would think they would at least rip them apart. Imagine the ammunition for fox to say Clintons campaign manager is nuts.

I can only assume that things are coming to some kind of head, however whatever comes out about aliens now, its not suddenly going to be the truth if they have been lying for 60 years, or mage 100's of years. Have you ever seen the religious painting with clearly flying saucers in them. But these parts are cut out of the print versions, you only get to see them if you go in person.
Group 2 has me thinking that I know who is "protected" and it's not just bruce but anyone in the type of situation he is in right now, per a coming operation.

"faced limited thomas campaign?" Is this about *doubting? this I find intriguing all by itself, so back to it since I'm not pondering it yet, but a fast hunch isn't happening either.

"brush and skip" very close to each other in this list...what is being discounted/ignored?

"spa bye??" Well, I had to say bye to mine many years ago. heh heh this, too is interesting but no hunch, gotta read y'all!

"Fox" I had a thought didn't think of it as a hunch, but it's that either bruce is sly like a fox or the network is going to have him rising up against it. One of them will misspeak or do something concerning Bruce and it'll be used to call all consdvatives homophobic yet again.

"struggling families draw aquarium passes?" is this, too about Netanyahu? Now that I read somewhere that his office is called an "aquarium" does it mean he's inviting struggling families into his office or even his home? a tour to show them how he lives, and doesn't live?
I think I have a good fit for the Fox/Jenner tie.
Fallon Fox, the first transgender MMA athelete, has recently been in the news talking about her life and Bruce Jenner.
This basically covers all of group one.
Another big hit for both the lingo and TwiceBlessed. You are on a roll; this is amazing!
Thanks!! This is fun, kinda like a treasure hunt!
(02-19-2015, 09:09 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Another big hit for both the lingo and TwiceBlessed. You are on a roll; this is amazing!

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