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Alligators, a Mobile, and an Angry Ghost
I had a few weird dreams last night. I can't remember all of them, and I remember little of the ones I CAN remember, but here's what I got:

In the first dream, my family had moved to this apartment complex. The front door to our home was in this big building, but we had a back yard that we shared with a neighbor. They had split the back yard in half by rolling some red tape across it. I thought this was weird, but I suspected that if they didn't want us on their half of the lawn, that they wouldn't come on our half. I was discussing that with Jon when he called me over to the window to show me that our neighbors children were all in our yard. There was jumping on a pogo stick, a couple of others playing ball and another kid digging around in our garage. The whole time their parents are watching with big smiles and folded arms. It didn't bother me. In fact, I thought I might go bring them some juice and snacks, but my husband was very upset... especially since they made a big deal about things by stretching out that red tape. I tried to get him to calm down by reminding him that it wasn't the kids that had stretched out the tape, and the yard was very small, kids like to have plenty of room to run around. Besides, maybe if we let their kids play on our half, they would return that favor. Jon mumbled something before pointing to some bags of groceries he had brought home. He had bought me some coconut water in this very interesting balloon-shaped box. When I tried it, I didn't like it. My oldest son begged me for it, so I gave it to him but made him promise to share it with his brothers. Later in the dream we had decided to get a dog. We found it in a shelter and brought it home. It was a lovely golden retriever and we all loved him. The dog started acting funny though, and ended up peeing in our home. Jon started to get angry, but I asked him if he had bothered to take the dog out to go potty. He looked down and explained that he hadn't. So I let the dog out to go potty. The dog, however, ran away. It was early in the morning before the kids got up that I realized the dog was gone, so I went out to find the dog before the kids could wake up and find he was missing. I walked down a busy street calling for the dog and was very upset when I could not find him. I felt horrible when I had to come home empty handed. Jon had to go to work and he could not leave the kids alone, so I had to hurry. I was thinking of how I would explain the situation to my children on my way home. I knew they were going to be heartbroken...

The next dream took place at my childhood home. The underground springs had caused all of these little pools of water to form and I was watching Jon trying to fish in these pools using a fishing pole and hook - no bait. I told him that was silly. First, there would be no fish in these pools of water and secondly, if there were any, he'd have a hard time catching them without bait. He just sort of shot me a dirty look and kept doing his thing. As he fished in one of the bigger pools, I noticed a small alligator swimming and rolling around in the water. It reminded me of a dream I had years ago. A dream where I had been fishing in a river a few miles up the road from where I lived. In that dream, however, the particular fishing spot I mentioned was littered with alligators. We are talking HUNDREDS of alligators of all sizes! But in this dream I remembered that dream and told Jon about it. I even offered to take him to the spot. He said he wanted to see it, so I began kicking up leaves. I knew that I would find plump worms in the damp soil under the leaves that we could use as bait. While I was doing this, Jon caught something. It was like a humanoid-alligator body with no head. The body was built like that of a body builder and it was blue. It was wearing these tiny pinkish-purple speedos and had fin-like things on the back of its legs and arms. I was a bit repulsed by this and asked Jon about it. Apparently, you had to catch all of the pieces of it and put it together. I felt like it was like a prize from a cereal box for some reason... I imagined that if you found the head and put it on it would likely come to life and kill you. I didn't want any of that. The sooner I could get him fishing in another spot for FISH, the better. While I'm hunting worms, I come across this thin brick of gold. Just a 6 inch brick of gold that is about half an inch thick. I can't believe what I'm seeing, so I dig it up, brush it off and stuff it into my pocket. Then I look up to see another one. I stuff that one in my pocket too. About that time, Jon comes up to see what I'm doing, so I motion my head at him to look down and see the gold bars. We are surrounded by people now, so I didn't want to draw alot of attention to what we were finding because the others might freak out and either beat us to a lot of the gold or even harm us to collect the gold we had. My brother came up to see what I was doing. I haven't talked to my brother in many years and the two of us don't get along, so I pointed him into the direction of a half buried crystal ball. When he leaves, I start collecting these gold bars again. I follow the trail of gold bars to a burn pile. Right on top of this burn pile was this gold wind-up mobile of the solar system. I fell in love with this thing and called dibs on it. Then I noticed that there was this beautiful canopy bed near the burn pile too. I thought that I could sleep there while I listened to the mobile. So I wound up the mobile and it began to play this very lovely music. But then this angry ghost in 16th century clothing (I think) appeared and started singing along with it. A song about him hurting people and hurting me. As he sang, the music from the mobile began to distort. I began emptying my pockets and throwing the gold bars down hoping that it would somehow appease him and he would stop threatening me and maybe let me keep the mobile. After all, the mobile had just been sitting on a pile of leaves and trash waiting to be burned... so maybe it wasn't as important to the ghost as it was to me...

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