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Yellow Alien Spheres transform to giants
I'm at some sort of air show. There are no planes. None anywhere. Instead, there's a very strange but fascinating spectacle in the sky. I thought that it was either an intelligent cloud or a remote controlled cloud. The cloud formed into 4 separate whispies and began to dance around in a synchronous pattern. I couldn't figure out how they made this thing work, but it was very interesting.
And then I felt like someone was going to "one-up" the cloud formation. I look way off the northwest and I see a cloud or sea of yellow things. They are moving fast. They look like ants scurrying at a tremendous speed toward the cloud. As soon as they get there, it's now apparent that there are hundreds of these yellow spheres or circles. I believe they were actually circles or saucers, but I didn't really get a good look to make that assertion.
So, these yellow circles were relatively small, probably the size of basketball hoops. They pooled together to completely obscure the intelligent cloud. It appears they were going to stage something fantastic. Immediately, the yellow spheres began to reenact a bomb being dropped. They formed what looked like a plane and then the bomb bay door opened, and a stream of yellow spheres came darting toward the ground which made it look just like a bomb being dropped.
The crowd underneath the yellow spheres began yelling and screaming. But strangely, as soon as the circles hit the ground, they transformed into people! The people were white males with yellow caps, yellow jackets, yellow pants, yellow shoes. You could hear the crowd oohing and aweing at the yellow men.
But someone near me said, “Let’s take a closer look shall we?”

He was recording this whole thing, and I bent toward him to view the camera screen. He was zoomed in so far that you could see all the people in the background oohing and aweing, and he zoomed into a yellow circle hitting the ground. As soon as it hit, out popped a man, but this wasn’t any ordinary man. THEY WERE WELL OVER 10’ TALL!

Possible day residue: Sherriann’s Project Yellow (although the yellow sky spheres could actually be overlap with her dream). The men being giants could
be day residue from the mainstream report of ISIS faking a video that portrayed them being 7' tall.
Sort of fits
I can hardly believe this. One of my family members had a very similar dream as I had, and she came across this picture from the Hubble Telescope. Imagine taking the dark black Space background and changing it to baby blue, as if it were happening in our lower skies just above it, and bam....there's my dream!

I just can't believe that a picture like this actually exists. Yellow spheres/circles meandering around in space. Crazy stuff.

Kinda neat when a person finds a pic of a dream. Wink

Rather similar....

February 27, 2015 - The object was recorded by paranormal investigator Angela Ashton before appearing to shoot upwards and disappear
Okay, everyone.

Bizarre goes fanatically even more bizarre.

It's bedtime, but for some reason I decide to scan some headlines. I saw this following headline and immediately thought that it would match a recent bot run. When I clicked on it, I got a face full of OMG!

The headline said, "Astronomers Find a Dusty Galaxy That Shouldn't Exist."

You've got to see the picture that represents this story....

There's more. This article is the gateway for mass understanding of how either corrupt or stupid that mainstream science has gotten. The Big Bang is just a THEORY, but modern schools pass it off as if it was fact. Therefore, the very title of this article is a bunch of bull. "Shouldn't exist" ??????   Yeah, shouldn't exist if the Big Bang theory is correct, but what if the Big Bang THEORY is bunk? Then galaxies such as the one I dreamed about COULD exist and it wouldn't be so strange. In other words, because of this "galaxy that shouldn't exist," I'm taking my vote away from the Big Bang in favor of other theories. For example, this one seems more plausible.

But even THIS is just a theory! They're all theories, folks, so why can't schools teach all the theories? Oh yeah, stupid me....they don't want us thinking for ourselves. Got it.

Last point.....could it be that this new found galaxy is where Charles Hall's "Tall Whites" originated? 
Ha, I like that, it goes with my own personal theory that space has more in common with water than air. I have a personal theory simply because i don't get along with the big bang, and when they recently made the film based on Hawkins life, (the theory of everything) i was very suspicious of what 'reality adjustment' we were going to get. And he is just lovely and brave and a genius. So now if you disagree you are about as smart as a slug. Same with evolution, if you disagree you are a nut job/god made the world in 7 days/or simply stone age. Because you have to be in a category! no personal thought or theories, you may no have personal insight, you are this or that.

I like that site, in an unrelated topic, I read this there a few weeks ago, fascinating
I see someone posted a track back to our site.
So, here is some history about giant skeletons found in mines/tunnels in Mexico:

Then there is this: Mystery of the Mexican 'goldenballs' cave: Scientists baffled by hundreds of spheres found in hidden tunnels

So, is there a connection?

Also reminds me of the Nephilim who were here looking for gold.....

Then I also saw mention somewhere of man made yellow orbs being experimented with toward producing 'pictures' in the sky. Technology provided by aliens.
Wow, Sherriann, that is a lot to chew on. Thank you!!

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