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Quick questions
1. Why do i have a warning level. I don't see anyone else with one.
2. I notice I have gotten some scores from other users, is that a button i don't see somewhere, or is it an internal thing. I like my scores, don't get me wrong, but if i am missing a 'thank you' button I would appreciate sharing the wealth with others..

thanks, rotten ole spam today, thanks for ridding it. I guess on this side of the world, I get to see it first, then it gets disappeared by angel nanny before anyone else gets up

Everyone has a warning level, and most people are at 0%, including you. Each person can see their own warning level, but apparently you can't see others. As for the rating scores, that is something totally separate. The button is called "Rate this user." You should be able to see it on the posts, or you might have to go into the person's profile to rate them.

Probably the biggest takeaway here is that all this will go away in the new website. Long term plans include a point system, but will be different from reputation. Similarly, people won't have warning levels, but rather just simply be banned.
ah I see the warning is for yourself, looked weird to me is all, what would it take to get to 100, and what if you were 50 hehehe, sort of rude…i don't see the rate button, but i will look for it, feel a bit of a heal now as people were quite kind to me. not to worry

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