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Death and TV from Wisconsin
part one dream of 02/23/15

dreamt I was at my own funeral, I was at the viewing at the funeral parlor My body was in a casket open for viewing and I could see many friends and family there. Some were crying and some were in disbelief. I or my spirit was out of my body standing behind the casket watching and listening to everyone, was even waving at them saying.."cant you see me?" " I am not really dead" it was a mistake" I am ok. I was even waving and moved around the room and close to people ,trying to get there attention, but nobody could see or feel my presence.

Than it switched to a local news reporter names Mellissa...she said because of my accidental death the news room was giving me a gift of something about my birth certificate and and also my funeral certificate to help with burial. I saw my full real name on a small sign on a plot in the graveyard....I kept saying no this is a someone else whom had died with the same name. This was broadcast on local TV....seen many friends crying when they heard the news. I also felt bad I was being buried all alone, not next to my husband, as there was plots already on each side of me.

Part 2

Then the dream changed to being alive but hearing loud thunder and lightning looking at the storm in the sky, it was afternoon and Spring or Summer time. I first saw 4 grayish ashy looking spirals that appeared to be UFO's. They were flying back and forth high in the sky. There shape changed into like a large seagull pattern and they began multiplying. Then the objects turned yellow and green and pinkish red with various squiggly lines,,,, once those faded about a few minutes later I am pointing to the sky telling everyone " watch they will come back larger and more multiple and make strange noises in the sky......and they did then they vanished and for some reason this happened every day around the same time, but would be like exactly 10 minutes later each day. Myself and other friends and people I did not know were trying to escape this area and move and live elsewhere. Each day we could make it just a little bit farther, but we kept seeing the same colors and patterns over again each time.

In reality the next day around noon I was watching my TV and it died??? Had to buy a new one. Strange!!!
Direct correlation to my dream about yellow alien spheres:
Eagle 1, I read your concern over the last dream bot run today, then I read your comment here correlating this dream to yours about the yellow alien spheres. What immediately came to mind was not aliens, but Iranian centrifuges and yellow uranium. A startling dream I had a few weeks ago but have never logged here was awakening after a deep sleep to the sound of my fathers voice hollering my nickname to me as he did when I was a child when he wanted to get my attention. Not in anger, but as a warning. My father has been dead for 18 years. When I awoke suddenly to his voice, I intuitively checked my surroundings for danger; fire, intruders, listening for the next sound from him or my unknown situation. Is this a connection to the warning from savage for February 28, or are we just all paranoid freaks?
Thanks, Sam. I have to admit that I hadn't heard of Savage's warnings, but I quickly got caught up by doing a simple search. I want to first point out that I certainly don't know the whole truth, and I want everyone to know that NO ONE has the whole picture. That being said, my worldview works under the premise that Isis is a fabricated entity that works towards several end-game goals. That being said, the actual events don't even need to be real, as indicated by the Boston Marathon "bombings," Sandy Hook, and so many more. In our culture, a made up Hollywood skit of a mass murder is actually more effective than a real one because they can fine tune the effects they need to happen.

This isn't to say that news on Feb 28 of "blood in the streets" somewhere would have to be made up or fabricated. It might be very real, but the agenda would be full steam ahead. The agenda of fear, the agenda of gun removal, the agenda of yet another war campaign, and so many more apparent agendas would be kickstarted by a fake or real event of this nature.

Paranoid freaks? Not at all. That's why I like the group of cavaliers in this forum....we can talk with facts and pragmatism without invoking the big FEAR card. It takes a higher level of consciousness to entertain all various aspects of reality, including the ugly, horrid reality that is so prevalent in our experience. But instead of complaining helplessly about it, we have higher ambitions. The goal is to shed light on atrocity (i.e. Paradigm 1) and then in the long term, actually influence the future with Paradigm 2. We're still in the beginning stages, but it's full steam ahead for the NDC.

Thanks for joining us, Sam. We appreciate your valuable inputs!

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