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Mathematical test with drunken driving as a problem
This seemed a bit out there, definitely with "symbols" and vivid enough so I'm submitting it with the thought that it may piece in with other dreams. I did not do any intention for the dream. I graduated from college roughly 25 years ago, so I don't know why I wound up getting a dream like this, and can't think of any day residue that would have yielded this.

In the dream, I am apparently in a class. I'm not sure if it was a math class or a physics class, but I was doing a test that involved very high level math. We were given the test; it was stapled together, the questions were on one side of the sheet, we were meant to show our work so we could get partial credit for answers. The pages were in a reverse order; instead of flipping from top out to the left, the staple was on the upper right corner and the pages flipped out to the right, in reverse of what was normal. I do not remember what the first question was; I remember I was sweating, thinking I was going really slow in answering the question. I finished it and flipped the page to the second question.

I had read the question, which was something about determining the speed of a car that had hit another car. There were equations that had been given; one was a rather odd one, some sort of a gamma shaped thing which I had interpreted as being a symbol for doing a multiplicative integration of a function between the given numbers (e.g. x from 1 to 5, total is f(x0)*f(x1)...). I started to write out my answers; I had written down the symbols for partial derivitives and some other stuff. I got the feeling like I was taking way too long. I started to think I should make it a point to get partial credit, and look ahead to see the next questions. There were 3 more questions; I turned back to the second question so I could finish it to a point where I'd get something for it and then move on.

I noticed then there was some fairly fine print around the question. Looking at it, it noted to give the student partial credit for the moral insight into the question. At this point I wrote onto the test paper "In my opinion, if a drunk driver kills somebody while driving, they should be found guilty of murder". I can't remember if I finished with writing " and be given the death penalty", but that is my general opinion. I was writing with a sharpened, very light brown colored crayon. I had been doing the whole test with the sharpened crayon.
It was about 18 months ago, a drunk man passed out at the wheel and came within 5 inches of killing a family.....MY FAMILY. If it wasn't for me and my professional skills of avoiding getting hit (by airplanes and missiles), this individual would be tried for manslaughter. Instead, he was fined and slapped on the hand. He might have gotten a few days in jail. His whole family is notorious for driving drunk. Just 6 weeks after our accident, his uncle got into an accident....while intoxicated.

Oh by the way, the night before he almost hit us head on at 60 MPH, my wife had a dream that our truck was in an accident. We changed drivers based on her dream. It was a decision that saved several lives. Dreams have power; thanks for documenting your dream, MTB. Sorry for getting off on a tangent. The symbols in the math, if you can remember them, might hold a lot of clues what this dream might be communicating. Ditto for the numbers. Blessings.

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