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Where did the old Forums go?
The NDC was forced to upgrade the underlying forum software due to security holes. It was the biggest upgrade in their history, apparently, and our germinating forum was caught in the undertow. Although we were able to keep all our old data, the new framework simply was not compatible with old database.

To make matters even worse, during the upgrade attempt, the new software made some key changes to the old database, rendering the entire old platform one big security nightmare. The good news? All of the data is still good and accessible. However, the bad news is that the link can't be publicized because the security risk.

Therefore, only Paradigm 3 players will be able to receive access to the old files.

In essence, the entire old database IS still in tact, but because of the security holes it presents, only P3 members will be able to link into it. The bigger problem was the user profiles because although they were not lost nor compromised, the admin area was completely disabled by the upgrade software. And thus, all users must register once again. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience. If there was any ray of sunshine here is that the new software is already worth its weight in gold.

Over time, the NDC will be migrating some of the posts over into this forum, but not all of them. P3 guests are reminded that if copy and paste information from the old forum, they should delete and references or links to that old forum. The content is welcome, but the link referencs to the old forum are not.

Within a month, we'll right back to where were in the old system, flying high. Truthfully, I find it almost inconceivable how the old database was just a little over month old! It felt like we've been in the forums for years!

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.
This is a great place to house all of the inevitable questions surrounding this transfer of forum software, so I'll do the honors.

First question that I found is this big conundrum:

Can't log into the old database because all the files are going to the old forum directory. I moved the directory so no oneĀ  with a bookmark could access it. Therefore, how shall we get into the private areas? Give me some time on this one....

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