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Home for the criminally insane
Dream date: 02Mar15

Time: PM

Mission: None

Intention: I asked for clarification on some personal messages I've been given


I see a big brick building. It's been abandoned. Windows broken, vines and plants crawling over the walls. Grass overgrown around the building. At first I think it's a manufacturing plant of some sort, given the squareness and industrial feel of the building. As I wander around the perimeter, I decide it must be an old hotel, because of the once-ornate front entrance.

The scene shifts. The same building, but this time intact and with immaculate landscaping. A vehicle drives along the driveway and halts in front of the entrance. The vehicle is an old-fashioned station wagon-type car but without rear windows and is painted all white with a red cross painted on the driver's door. I realize it's an ambulance and that the building is a hospital of some sort. I hear a voice say, "Home for the criminally insane."

The scene shifts back to the decrepit building. I look around to get a feel for the place, to try and figure out where it is and why I'm there. I see that the location is atop a hill that rises above a small city/large town. There are trees everywhere, with rooftops dotting the area. Everything is green, like in springtime. I don't know the name of the city/town but get a vibe it's in the Midwest somewhere and its name starts with "M".

I still don't know why I'm there or what I'm supposed to see so I decide to check the inside of the building. At first I think I'm walking but discover I'm floating. I float inside, through the doors, into a foyer that is crumbling. I don't hear anything as I drift along a corridor. There's trash everywhere, graffiti on the walls, dirt, bird poop, paint peeling off the walls, doors hanging by one hinge, light fixtures dangling by bare wires-all the signs of abandonment and slow decay. I'm aware that there are spirits present. I feel them though I don't see them. They're afraid, terrified of something, hiding from whatever it is that frightens them so much. They don't seem to notice me, which is fine by me. I note the presence of rats scurrying down the corridor yet I hear no sound of rustling as they make their way through the detritus on the floor. Personally, I'm glad I've developed this floating ability because it means I don't have to walk through whatever's on the floor.

I drift throughout the building, still trying to figure out what drew me to this place, what it is I'm supposed to see here. On the top floor, a portion of the ceiling has collapsed, leaving a huge hole in the roof. I see what looks like half the pigeon population in the US roosting in the eaves near the hole. I see water dripping on the floor. Everything is silent. I drift back the way I came along the corridor.

As I float down the stairs, I see movement in the corridor ahead of me. Someone is coming. I pull back into the shadows so I'm not seen. I sense all the spirit people hunkering down as if not wanting to be noticed. A figure comes into view. It's human-shaped but all shadow. Tall. Muscular appearing. A sense of masculine. Rats are accompanying him like he's some sort of shadowy Pied Piper. He comes closer and I see that the rats aren't rats, they're shadowy creatures the size of rats.

The shadow man and his entourage pass by me without noticing me. I'm curious about him, about why he's in this place and where he's going so I float after him, slipping from shadow to shadow to remain hidden. I feel spirits' eyes on me and realize they see me. They leave me alone, though, and I continue on my way after the shadow man.

I follow him into a large room that may have been some sort of treatment room. There's a hole in the middle of the floor, as if the floor collapsed. He strides across the floor onto the hole and disappears. He doesn't fall. He just disappears. I drift over to the hole, peer over the edge, and see swirling blackness. A portal of some sort. I'm tempted to follow the shadow man to see where the portal leads, where I might come out on the other side. All I have to do is take that would be so easy...didn't I want to know?

I pull back from the edge. No way in hell would I go into that portal so why was I even thinking about doing something so stupid? Yet the pull to go into the portal, to just take that step is strong. I drift back to the doorway and study the portal. Realize the portal itself is sentient. It feeds off fear and pain. Jeez. It must have had a smorgasbord when the building housed patients. Now it was just hungry...and it was aware of me. Time to leave. I pulled out of the room and out of the hospital entirely.

Top emotion: Curiosity

Has not come true

Extra notes:

This came in today's meditation as a series of visions interspersed with other visions that were of a personal nature so I haven't included those. I'm still not clear on why I needed to see that place nor do I have any idea where it is. I Googled "abandoned home for the criminally insane" to see what popped up. There's a lot of those places out there, apparently, but none of the photos I saw matched the building from the vision. I'm convinced the place exists somewhere based on past experience with that odd silence, like I'm there but not quite in synch with the vibrational level of that place so I'm able to see but not hear(If this makes any sense).

This dream seems particularly meaningful to me personally as I continue toward the degree I'm pursuing. I already 'know' that mind, particularly the collective mind, has a sort of sentience to it. So many philosophers and scientists and esotericists have written about it. I guess the take away for me is this: "Crazies" which may not be a fair term to use here, are also part of that sentient Mind. Therefore, as we continue drugging the hell of people who don't appear to be "normal" (yeah, another word I can't stand at all), the more zombie-oriented and dumbed down our society is. In other words, the psychiatric desire to treat INDIVIDUALS with antipsychotics have a definitive side effect beyond the individual atrocities. That is, the collective mind also shrinks toward nothingness. Creativity is thwarted; emotional responses are deadened.

Thanks for the dream, because this seems to be speaking legions to me. I expect more insights later also. 
Gosh, I'm getting the Mind-shrinking lesson in other places as well. Check out the study that shows a connection between electronic thinking aids and early onset of dementia (basically, it's use it or lose it):
Thanks for posting this great article!
(03-03-2015, 02:10 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Gosh, I'm getting the Mind-shrinking lesson in other places as well. Check out the study that shows a connection between electronic thinking aids and early onset of dementia (basically, it's use it or lose it):
Pied Piper

Have you seen the front cover of The Economist 2015? Bottom left. "It feeds off fear and pain."
first thought Arkham Asylum from Gotham the tv show.

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While I'm familiar with Arkham Asylum-I grew up reading Superman and Batman comics-I've not seen the show or played any of the games including images of the asylum. Smile

Interesting article, Eagle. I've been of the mind that the electronics, while very convenient, are dumbing people down for some time. My son, with a degree in physics and currently teaching HS physics, insists his classes learn how to do the basic calculations without a calculator so they understand how the calculations work. He recently had to take a week of his teaching time to teach them basic algebra so they could do the work. He battles constantly with students using their phones to access the internet to do the work for them. If anything ever happens to the internet, those kids who have been fed a steady diet of easy access 24/7 will be unable to think, let alone function.

I am also very concerned about parents using their tablets and phones as babysitters for their young children, but that's another topic altogether.

What struck me about that vision was how I kept coming back to it and picking up where it left off, sort of like picking up a storyline after a commercial break. I didn't see how the vision was relevant to my life and the questions I had asked yet there it was. When I came out of the meditation, I heard a very clear instruction to come here and post it because it was necessary for others to see it.
I went back to the abandoned asylum in last night's dreamtime. I didn't go inside; it felt like I was there to see what was happening but not allowed inside so I stood outside on the crumbling driveway.

The entryway has two big round columns on either side of the doorway. They may have been painted white but most of the paint has peeled away, leaving grayish wood that appears to be rotting. The doorway itself is a double door with leaded glass windows. Surprisingly, the windows are still intact, even though the doors aren't. The gardens flanking either side of the stairway leading to the entryway are completely overgrown but I saw a couple of scraggly rosebushes through the brush. One had pink roses, the other white. How they're hanging on, I don't know.

There are more shadow figures now. I could see them moving about inside the building. They're more distinct, too, as if they're learning how to form a human body. The human spirits are still present and still in hiding as much as possible. I felt the pull of the portal attempting to entice me to come to it but ignored it.

One of the shadow figures comes out of the building. It stands on the top of the stairs and seems to be looking around. Taking the lay of the land, so to speak. It didn't see me. I noted how much more human it looked. Still shadowy but more dense, more formed. I saw the shape of a nose, browline, and jawline. Its hands had fingers. It was male(if you can imagine how I knew that for sure. Wink ). After a minute or so of it standing there, looking around, it returned inside. When it did that, the dream ended and I moved into "normal" dreamtime.

One of my purposes is messenger. I've been shown this so I can give the message about what's happening in this place to people who understand there's more going on in the world than what's seen on the surface. There are beings from another world/another dimension coming through that portal and while I don't know what their purpose is for coming here to this world, my experiences with shadow beings lead me to believe it's not for the benefit of this world.

Eagle: Not only does drugging the hell out of people affect the communal mind, it leaves the person being drugged vulnerable on an energetic and spiritual level. Sure, the drugs change the chemistry and vibrations of the brain which might make the person more tractable and acceptable to "normal" society. But the drugs also leave the person more vulnerable to those energies and entities that troll for those humans who are energetic light house beacons and wide open for either influencing or taking over. But drugging the hell out of people is easy, it's cheap, and it's less time consuming so that's the path our Western practices take.

I, for one, am greatly edified by receiving your messages. Please keep them streaming in.

As for your discussion about portals and unknown entries, I believe I talked about Steven Greer earlier. I can't remember which podcast he discussed this, but his military background and cadre of whistleblowers have made it know that some of the black projects are designed to open these portals and INVITE the lower astral begins into this plane. It's disturbing, but it does make much sense when comparing the state of affairs in today's world.

One parting comment is just a reminder that despite the alarming discussion here, including the heavy focus on psychotropic medications and shadow beings, there is the other extreme shining brilliantly in this world and providing the necessary balance that humanity needs. Of course, we rarely see the bright side because those don't make headlines. It doesn't raise eyebrows. It doesn't tinge the hairs on the back of the neck. It doesn't invoke or excite the ancient reptilian brain.

Is humanity evolving or devolving? Answer: Both at exactly the same time. Esholar's recent dream demonstrates this very well. Soon, there really will be a consciousness divide, all in the physical realm. Two different Earths....
Ooops. Once again, I eat my words. This awesome story actually made the news:
(03-05-2015, 05:58 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Ooops. Once again, I eat my words. This awesome story actually made the news:

I watched that news clip last night. It's a good demonstration of how small actions add up to big results that affects far more people than we ever imagine. I was reminded of John Donne's line: No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent. We are all on this planet together. What affects one, affects all.
Great Story! Perfect fit for the city of Brotherly Love. I was in Philadelphia this summer for 10 days and must say that it had the most friendly and happy homeless population of any big city I have ever seen. Believe it or not, the shelters actually require classes for those receiving help on how to interact positively with people as they are soliciting donations on the street corners. They are teaching positive social skills and those skill are actually being used. In turn, more people are willing to offer assistance to those in need.
(03-05-2015, 05:58 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Ooops. Once again, I eat my words. This awesome story actually made the news:

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