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Cuban athletic team wants to sing the National Anthem with me
I had this dream on 3/4, didn't get a chance to post it. Given that it stuck with me, I figure I should.

I had no intention, and can't think of any day residue to cause the dream. I don't recall reading any stories about Cuba recently, although it was in the news somewhat last week.

In my dream, I am in an airport lounge, waiting to get on a flight. I don't know where; the lounge is a bit 3rd worldish. There are rows of plastic seats, the walls are white but have yellowed and dirtied because its been a long time since they've been painted. I have a video camera with me. I am on the far left end of a row of seats. Next to me are a lot of people, both male and female. I am having a discussion with them; I don't know where the fact that they are a Cuban team of athletes came from, but it came up. Some of them speak English, and we are talking in English. A bunch of them encourage me that they want to sing the Star Spangled banner, the US national anthem. I tell them I'm a lousy singer, but they want to sing with me anyway. I turn on the camera to do a selfie video. They don't seem to know the words very well, they are mumbling in a bunch of spots, but all of them are trying to sing the song. I can hear myself singing, I get through all of the words but its nothing special in terms of the singing quality. Near the end right next to me there is a lady who is a better singer, she hits the low C on "free" but doesn't do the octave up high C. We finish the song, the dream ends.

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