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Old Dreambot runs that might fit Project ConCERNed
I mistakenly put this in the wrong place originally so I deleted the old and re-posted here.
Here are some old Dreambot runs I am going through which may pertain to Cern.
Some will be self-explanatory and some I might show a comment or thought I had. Some likely have nothing to do with what we are working on but on the off chance...

8/6/2014 Reference disturbed explosion reaction stranger North

7/29/2014 Symbol wedding angry space dreamed sleeping death plane happen.
If we view this as chemical elements (symbols) conjoining/ forming something new and something volatile is created in the space...then boom! Not sure but something happens with a new dimensional plane or maybe the death of ours?

7/29/2014 Letters exist rid alien handle smoking throat warning accident sounded circle pair disappeared
 ( same date as above)
Ok the second part connects with the run above (warning accident sounded circle pair disappeared)

6/16/2014 falling future hole leaving especially main god sorry

6/6/2014 Different plane work good

September 23 - New Portal - astral dreamer fortune rocket lawn sword bunny transformation ending portal navigating excellent janitor purple health battle smoking checked via flip carpet teaching drink broccoli

7/1/2014 entire earth return space
December 12 (PM) - ​Jim fireworks apocalypse chain blow represent stars cake professional Sam cutting explains visible shaking com aliens advice sword dawn sky vague

Not really sure what to say about this but put it here anyway.
December 17 - peter pan vibrations bloody wars liquid want star gives water portal boss way random awesome deal cup glad time low bother think episode smiling thanks groping early childhood try straight kiss cooking session
( included mostly for the portal)

​December 18 - transport individual blown native august wild around expensive wed little imagination sweet miss blonde excited house liquid highway obsessed gap paying session hospital ghost English mail kill trailer place spinning miss short road
DOWN: star portal bloody glad image taking interpretation breathing day awesome drag days ever stairway dawn disturbing comments want wars welcome

​​December 25 - days logo stone ​ scary day wind​​ nuclear boyfriend twin​​ wed modify gravity parking​ delete yoga god​​ click gallery hill​ roll panel chrome shop company line​ glass dark;​ drain bomb logged ​[Code] ​zebra academy
​DOWN: type strange calm hour sat leave weird today female word powered fighting yes song notes fish childhood moment orange hours agent
-The words standing out to me are ( wind nuclear twin wed modify gravity delete yoga god)
I'm still experiencing astonishment as I read some of these old linguistics. For example, how did I ever miss this one:

"modify gravity parking delete yoga god"

We probably should have realized that Shiva is definitely a sort of yoga god, the dancing shiva is a hallmark of CERN, and CERN's experiments will undoubtedly modify gravity. Makes perfect sense now, but I just didn't have enough awareness back then of the various connections. The word DELETE is telling and very extreme.

Christmas day lingo....go figure! Smile

Thanks for compiling this, Twice!! Now we just have to thread some of the new incubated dreams to figure out what exactly is going to happen. Easier said than done Smile
September 29, '14 had
"guide 93.6% 280.0%
ghosts 91.7% 225.0%
desperately 86.6% 200.0%
violent 83.3% 200.0%
attempted 85.4% 180.0%

Maybe not? I see these as "ghosts guide violent events desperately attempted." IF Chani really exists he is a ghost, for now anyway.
Yeah, Chani meets the definition of entity you can't see. Someone in a different dimension can be there standing right next to you, but you'll never know it (well, unless they start typing out baby sentences on the computer screen) Smile
true.......and the lingo in this case says, ghosts (plural). Apparently DLP's vision with many pissed off otherlies on the other side of the portal is pretty accurate!
CHANI isn't even the 'ghost's' name..... Entity is used to describe 'it'.
Channeled Holographic Access Network Interface - CHANI
Channeling using a device.
Was it a 'he'?
(03-21-2015, 09:12 PM)aneunayme Wrote: i call everything a he unless i know its a she...even my fishes are hes Smile

OK Wink
Thanks, y'all! I bet we're gonna find a lot of hits for CERN from bot runs even five months ago because this is such a huge, multi-level issue.

I called "it" a he because so many others have been. Reading at a lot of sites about "it" and I don't know why so many did, but maybe it's being generic like the bible addressing males when, in context you can tell it's talking to all humans.

10/12/14 bot run...
I left "trek" and "army" because this is the top of the run, words in order. Chani talks a lot about our the "dolphin." The rest seems obvious about CERN.


10/14/14 Bot run

It has words like "africa" which is where Chani was supposedly encountered. "robot" and "robots" and I forget what else can be talking of CERN. Here is the link to it.

Please tell me that since it's very late and I'm tired that I'm imagining that this many runs are talking of CERN. Sure! other things too but yes, some words are about CERN. LOL...

10/10/14 dig these words...


Is this a "wrinkle in time?" or "wrinkle in dimension?" or what?

Does CERN think they've found the "god seed?" I think so.

Are they bringing the "apocalypse" to rebirth/activating the "god seed?"

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