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4/2/15 Weak Red Alert: Big Companies Merge
We have a word that exceeds the Red Alert threshold, but the support underneath it is very weak. COLA is at the top today, and it almost rings of a financial prediction. Coca-Cola might merge with JP Morgan Chase. Huh? A beverage company merging with part of the Federal Reserve Banking cartel? Well, it may have something to do with Food Stamps:

Wait, you mean big companies are profiting off of the federal food stamp program (sarcasm)? “Simon outlines how three different powerful industries profit from SNAP: food manufacturers like Coca-Cola and Kraft; food retailers like Walmart; and big banks, including J.P. Morgan Chase, which work with states to administer benefits.”

The rest of the run is really super diverse. It’s hard to hold anything down looking at this run. Take for example, Group 2. When are they going to learn that PEACE will never come from the BARREL of a gun?

I’m really not sure if any of my groups are valid. I find this run almost schizophrenic in a way. It’s just all over the place….it lacks coherency. Can anyone make meaning out of today’s spaghetti?

[Image: 20150402%20cola.jpg]

UP Words:     cola wed morgan april bringing regarding mentor smoking grown blank ending pray demon image hilarious wondering distance peace exploring width barrel farm shows ordered agree hid ass laugh soda important resort knock circle

DOWN Words:   card explain when agent rain boat lives elevator moon sick attempt men best cheese school sun gym one england unnecessary weekly bending boy speech thanks famous mon awesome march weed joseph
Sometimes folks say "Pepsi Cola" so cola is possibly a generic term here. I did see a link about Coca C. losing money I think earlier this year which could make a merger more likely. Maybe a tobacco owning conglomerate's going to buy them out or somehow be in the mix, per this run.

Nope, not making a lot of this, just a couple of tiny clues to randomness. Then again, a second glance will be nice if it happens because I can tell I'm hurried, with lots to do.

explain when agent rain boat lives
A man who has been missing at sea on his sailBOAT for 66 days was rescued (lives) today. The WHEN the Coast Guard (agent) picked him up after being rescued by a German Ship he Explained lived off of raw fish and RAIN water
Lucky dude. Nice hit, Twice!
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is given in April. JP Morgan would stand to get some sort of benefit since they are managing the food stamp program. According to articles, the COLA is supposed to be determined on April 1st (Wed).
MTB: Cost of living was actually one of my first impressions when reading this list, but the term soda steered me away. Great addition....shows that the collective mind is still running side by side with reality. Yes, tons of dreamers are affected by COLA.

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