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4/6/15 A Subway Conflict and a Shift during LEO
If during the LEO timeframe this year (July 23 to August 2) a terrorist or gang-related CONFLICT happens at a SUBWAY station, just realize it was all CREATED. Note that if this takes place, it may not be in the time slot indicated because LEO might actually be associated with something of a much different context: UPWARDS SHIFT.

Humanity is concerned about the status of the SUN. CONSTANT FRIGHTENED ATTACK is very explicit at Group 3. Using the 10% rule on these projections, we’re looking at a sudden spike in CME activity or X-flares.

Awfully short interpretation today, but I just don’t see much of anything that warrants our undivided attention. As always, I could be wrong!

[Image: 20150406%20A%20Subway%20Conflict%20and%20a%20Shift%20during%20LEO.jpg]

UP Words:     battling routine subway conflict creation leo upwards shift chase craft stealing doctor visit college bike imagine understood constant frightened attack sun shell rick battle tied spaghetti badly flames yeah tragic spotted blade mon

DOWN Words:   process code hide plane laugh fish hug enjoy surprised know astral loved local position candy forest bridge circle shop weekly guided request awesome toilet one typical relationship david lie drunken guard wed march days invited
Henry, again. WHO is Henry? Also, can you please explain the 10% rule to me. Thanks.
Twice, great questions! I can answer 1 of them affirmatively.

The 10% rule was associated with some of our lessons learned from Project August last year. It has been a trend all along since I started these various dream projects. It basically states that when a prediction is made based on any various combinations of dream data (i.e., actual dream content, linguistics phrases, or a combination of the two), that the actual event that manifests later will be accurate compared to the prediction in terms of who, what, when, etc. HOWEVER, the magnitude of the event as compared to the prediction will be roughly 10% in severity. For example, one of the predictions in a dream was that Hawaii would see a 500' huge wave. When the event came true, the "Huge Waves" (an actual phrase from the news article) was exactly 50 feet, which is exactly 10% of what was predicted. Look at just about everything else from Dallas ebola (only one death) to the Entertainment fiasco (no deaths but all the connecting phrases matched perfectly).

Dream Predictions Axiom: If a dream prediction manifests in our reality, there is a huge chance that the event will accurately parallel the prediction, but the severity will be roughly 10% of what was predicted (or what was seen in the dream).
Thanks for clarifying the 10%.
Group 3, so this really is the year for our sun to do a binaca-blast as scary as the Carrington event of the 1800s? I hope not.

"Henry" still around and now we have "Rick." "David" is already on the list, I think.

"March days invited" IMO is saying that we'll be wishing for last month, soon. Maybe quake related? April's historically a bear for the things, as is October.

Time to read the wizard.

False flag, good point and it could be a powder that's tested to be a true threat, or God-forbid a suitcase nuke. Don't know why but suitcase/portable nuke was my next guess for NYC, years ago.
LEO could also be a name, short for Leonard. I see rick on the list, too.

I'm intrigued by the awesome toilet. After a week of camping in the middle of nowhere, I think all toilets are awesome. Big Grin
rick - form into rick or ricks; stack
leo - July 23 to August 22
sun shell - the gears in a transmission are called planetary gears since they look like a solar system when it is drawn on paper. The sun gear/shell is the main gear in the center.
What was going on the last time 'spaghetti' showed up?
Possible hit for subway. A woman got her foot stuck on a Russian Subway train. Commuters shifted back and forth rocking the train until she was able to get free.
battling routine subway conflict creation leo upwards shift
You could say they BATTLED on ROUTINE SUBWAY to release the woman's foot. The CONFLICT was CREATED(Creation) when the foot got stuck between the platform and train. By rocking the train up(wards) and down, the SHIFTED the train and freed her foot.
LEO could also mean Law Enforcement Organization... or Officer.
Found Henry!!
Twice, your King Henry find matches the lingo "Drunken Guards" from this run Smile
Oh, that is cool! I would not have thought of it in that way but it totally works!
On the 24th. 25th and 26th of April, the Yankees and Mets will be BATTLING it out during one of their ROUTINE SUBWAY series CONFLICTS.
battling routine subway conflict
Not that this is a subway conflict but it caught my eye:
Now that is a flood! What do they expect when a pipe is that old?
... hmmmm....
stumbled over this:  leo upwards shift chase craft

what if LEO shifts upwards

and chases a craft...
or a craft has to chase (a satellite)
just my 2 cents.

Welcome Yoda! Thanks for giving us a new Leo reference. I am curious to see where our space station is in relation to LEO. This Leo run could certainly have to do with a satellite. I need to do some reading and learn more. Excellent post!
Yoda, wonderful input! Makes a lot of sense in terms of "craft" and "upwards."
This happened the day after this dreambot run. Not very exciting but it happened.
chase craft stealing doctor
An ambulance (doctor craft) was stolen and police gave chase.
battling routine subway conflict

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