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July 2015: Leo Timeframe & Jade Helm & Military Virus
May 9 -
Pentagon boosts alert level at military bases following ISIS threats

(05-09-2015, 01:09 AM)esholars Wrote: Just so you know.
"War is coming, and while we can’t know the exact timing, we can assume the worst and do our best to be ready for it as quickly as possible."

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

LEOs - law enforcement officers
"May 9 -

Pentagon boosts alert level at military bases following ISIS threats"

Again, the reaction is WAY OUT OF PROPORTION FOR THE ALLEGED EVENT! How could an idiot who can't even aim right possibly do any damage to a fully guarded military base?

This is all designed to make people afraid, particularly the military folks. Talk about a diversion. Something big is going down either economically or technologically. ISIS serves at least two purposes: Keep people in fear and hide the bigger story. You can bet your bottom dollar that we'll find the bigger story as this hollywood script moves forward.
Agreed that this is scripted and that it also serves to treat us all with more invasive measures as we go on post. (Will we ladies now have purses searched, etc. like TSA games?) Day or so after 911 I was one of the random drivers, just happened to be in my brand-new car, that was pulled aside for the dog-sniffing routine.

However, I don't think this script "B" thing is just because of buffoons in Texas. I don't believe that all of Isis is this inept. I believe that org. is being armed from some within our nation because they are capable of bringing bloodshed and that they are going to do just that. I think this is scripted to do its best to bring patriots to their knees. "Those" that see more of us awakening are, in panic about to bring out the big guns, so to speak. They see the lesser script hasn't worked for them.
All News Pipeline is one of the stellar's a page that is a worthy read, and they put that 1961 document here again. Too many folks haven't seen it yet.
****More on the clog shoes and more Jade Helm lies/propaganda caught,**** from the soulful minister that revealed the clog and how some Hitler camps used them!

This is rich! Copies of his research and it appears spotless and valuable.

At Bastrop county, Texas during the J.H. hearing, the clog was asked about, as was "Mastering the Human Domain." Proof the answers were lies. This page can't be over-applauded, you'll see.
agreed and
agreed again
on all points with the aware ones posting.
However, though knowledge IS power, what if anything can be done?

Here is where I focus my personal P2 power (undocumented) nonetheless, effective in a quantum way-

The one point brought up in the article of Brandon smith- It was talked about also in the Book, EARTH, alien enterprise-greatest cover up in human history, Timothy Good. AND in the Wes Penre Papers all of them 1-5;
The one factor that drives the elite crazy and the off world controllers
humans are unpredictable
It is a technique the shamans use for eons, 'Fool the devil, never take the same road twice in a row".

This is our advantage and the reason the masses are dumbed down, normalcy bias, entertainment/sports/pleasure drugged/distracted. To become predictable.

Is it happening in our dreams? How much residue seeps through? Thoughts to ponder.

Happy Mother's Day nurture yourselves. your mom would want that eh?

(05-09-2015, 08:15 AM)Sherriann Wrote: May 9 -
Pentagon boosts alert level at military bases following ISIS threats

(05-09-2015, 01:09 AM)esholars Wrote: Just so you know.
"War is coming, and while we can’t know the exact timing, we can assume the worst and do our best to be ready for it as quickly as possible."

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

LEOs - law enforcement officers
#87 is blessing this nation today by having the Jade Helm Logo in the Top, Left side of his most-famous and influential page.
IMO, bad press/good press at this point makes no difference. It's that Jade Helm is in everyone's face right now that will have us all talking it and this has got to very much wrinkle the psyches of "the invisible they" and their lackeys.
I have decided that Jade Helm will never happen! I am supposed to be able to create my own world to be as I like it. I am asking all of you to decide that because we refuse to be dealt with in this manner that we will cause the whole plan to fall apart! Think them into non existence! If we fail what are they going to do, remove our abilities?

NADW, ya got that right. So much of the nation is talking about J.H. that we've got them on defensive mode which is wonderful.

Oathkeepers! I keep meaning to join them, sending a few bucks or buying a membership so maybe saying this aloud, so to speak I'll get it done.

Here is an opening blog series on J.Helm and it says subsequent articles would be written. I haven't found them, yet. Still reading this one.

PS, I keep forgetting to post a simple thought. It is that finally, I get it about the meaning of "JADE." Yes, those letters stand for "Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution" and I get why they are using it. It's actually very revealing about their purpose/intent!

Their bosses at the very top are saying this is a "mere" exercise but no! JADE reveals that they are putting them in-place and that computer program that "Jade" is the name of will be used to rapidly-deploy them whenever "the event" that the powerbrokers know of because they are orchestrating it, goes down.
Military Microwave weaponry photographed on I80 near Reno, Nevada. This, too for Jade Helm?!
This mysterious TPP now connected to Jade Helm by one of our best sources.
TPP is a blanket that covers way, too many things and is steeped in Agenda 21 garbage. The Commonsense Show is on it, as usual. Great entry today...forever learning.

This bloody TPP is going after alternative medicine, health food stores and much more. Yep, BO is keeping this secret and gonna ram it apparently so it's ready for the Jade Helm season.
***C2C JADE HELM Radio Show*** coming in two days, on Thursday, May 14th. Steve Quayle on to discuss this and this is the only subject listed for this four hours.
Author of ***this documentary*** on this page died (under suspicious circusmstances, apparently) two months before Jade Helm leaked to us all. The documentary is called "Gray State" and it's about coming martial law. I have not watched it yet but sounds like it's a must-do. This page says that it has been deleted at youtube, so that says volumes. they have put several copies on this page.
Military Industrial Complex, JFK, and Jade Helm...I can't possibly do this huge page justice right now, and the even historic videos here but what I have read shows me this is one of those really valuable finds. Not'll see.
I have never paid attention to "Geospatial Engineering." Never cared to know what it was. Sounds like this page is right about what Jade Helm is being used for. It's to test their mapping of our lives and predicting our movements/habits from the meta-data collected from any given region. Is this true? I don't know but I know when something "feels" as though it is. It's the "mastering the human domain" part that I suspect is accurately being revealed on this fascinating page. *(yeah, alarming also...)
Alright folks. Finally a seemingly sane human that sounds: 1. Fearless, 2. "In the know" and 3. Level-headed.

If this guy's information is accurate, we now have a full up confirmation of why dreamers were seeing and worried about July 2015 starting as early as October 2014. 

I'll give you two vids to watch of the same guy. Is he full of it? Sure doesn't seem like it.


(more details about the walmart / home depot connection:

Anyone know of this guy? What's his track record?
yikes eagle1, this seems legit to me.
Yes, but I don't mean "know" him or followed him well. He has another video out and in it he told his past career, was it a type of agent?? something, well anyway my vibe was that he is totally believable, etc.

Editing this in...yes it was the second one that I watched, where he's in front of a hutch of dishes
I forgot to say about this guy, that I wonder if he knows about the tunnels. They are as real as the noses on our faces. Knowing they really exist makes it a bit easier for me to believe what he has said.

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