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Important phone calls
Big Grin 
Date: 7April15

Going about an ordinary dream, which I really don't remember, when a phone rings. I pick up the receiver of an old land line, say hello, and a voice says, "You may want to get up and go to the bathroom now." I laugh and hang up the phone.

I'm walking along a dirt road. My cell phone rings. I answer. The same voice says, "You need to get up now and go to the bathroom." Again I laugh and disconnect.

I'm talking to people and my cell phone rings again. I answer. Again, the same voice says, "Get up now. You need to go to the bathroom."

This time I woke and yes, I needed to go to the bathroom.

There was no intent for this dream, although someone seemed to be looking after me. Big Grin The voice on the phone was male but I didn't recognize it.

Mainly I posted this because it just struck me as funny. Big Grin

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