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Reading the Newspaper
As I was waiting for sleep I made this intention and then went on thinking about other things as sleep was a bit elusive.

Intent: a dream that makes sense and tells me something important .
Then I thought about my health since the weather is rainy and miserable and I don’t feel well.

Mood: relaxed
I was reading a newspaper. It had all the important information that you would expect on a front page
Name of Paper

Issue: ____ Date______ Address_______________ Editor_____________ Phone Number__________
Today’s Headlines

Then it had two horizontal rows across the page with ovals and bar spaces.
These ovals and blanks were all the way down the page.
Each blank had words but I cannot remember them all and each oval had a picture of the person doing the story. The last one I saw and remember was a picture of Alec Baldwin with the headline: “Missing White Powder! If you find, you can use……
then I woke up trying to catch my breath.

In my dream I saw all the headlines and they were very important news items but I cannot recall the words. I know I saw all the details on this paper

*just a note: according to my spouse I got up last night went to the bathroom, must have turned off my oxygen machine then came back to bed! I have never walked in my sleep before but, my machine was off and we are the only people in this house.

I think I will try again tonight to see if I can get more headlines.
Esholars, the Sleepwalker Smile

I was surprised that we actually have quite a few WHITE POWDER dreams. Here are a few of them:

If someone has time and is interested, they could look through these dreams to see if there is any overlap in whatever context is surrounding the white powder.
Gal, I hope you do read the newspaper in you sleep again tonight. This is a cool dream, to say the least.

Does Alec have any connection to cancer? anyone in his life just diagnosed or is he focusing on fundraising for cancer right now? This new is *huge* but I only heard about it from the UK.
I think it has to do with the missing ingredient that has been discussed elsewhere.
Alec Baldwin's daughter has checked into a Malibu Rehab for drugs and alcohol. They didn't say it was for any "white powder" substance but they didn't name any vice that I found in the report.

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