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Outside daytime sky
This morning approx. 5:30 central time USA, I had a dream about being outside looking at the sky. I was thinking to myself, why the h**l do they have to spray that crap in the sky? It wasn't contrails, chemtrails, or smoke. I knew this because the sky looked oily and swirled as oil on water with that weird rainbow effect that happens with water and oil. I saw this oily nondescript gray color of sky with an airplane going upward into the atmosphere (taking off I presumed) and as it passed through this oiled sky, it swirled and eddied around the plane. Through the empty space trail the plane left was brilliant blue sky that was being blocked out.

I'm sure this is only subconscious screaming about the modifications that are done daily in the Ohio Valley.
But the oil in the sky part is very odd.

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