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4/20/15 Red Alert!! Cheap Chinese Bunkers
Oh my. Is this our first Red Alert adjective? CHEAP! And it has support! Who would have ever thought?

CHEAP exceeds our threshold of 100 surge points and its supported by PAYING, BOUGHT, and POOR. Therefore, the meme is CHEAP PURCHASE. Now, of course, we never want to just stop there because CHEAP PURCHASES happen regularly every day. There’s something special about this financial transaction that is yet to come (note: I did do a preliminary search for day residue but came up empty….therefore, I believe this lingo is future oriented).

So, in the absence of overlapping dreams in our recent database, let’s look at further context in the run for possible clues about our CHEAP PURCHASE. First option: Could be reptilian (i.e. CROCODILE), but I think that Group 1 is a decent option. We have a CHINESE BUNKER and the (British?) CROWN. What a strange combination, especially when it appears that the Chinese aren’t particularly accepting of the Western oligarchy economic framework.  So, maybe Group 1 should actually be divided into two separate topics, or perhaps the CROWN LOCATES a CHEAP CHINESE BUNKER? This just sounds unlikely.

Therefore, I’m wondering if there is going to be some sort of underground monetary arrangement that somehow connects England and China (or the West and China). Here’s what I’m thinking. Recall the new Chinese Banking system that the majority of countries have apparently signed. WHAT IF this new system was actually created by the Rothchilds to keep THEIR precious system going? In other words, USA was the obvious host for this parasite for the past 100 years, but now the main host becomes China. And so while it appears that China is saving the world from cataclysm, is nothing more than the Rothchild’s fingerprints again, and will probably last for the next 100 years.

Of course, no one should assume absolute truth in anything I’m hypothesizing here. It’s all conjecture, but to dismiss the question altogether is, well, equally absurd.

Moving right along….SEXY often BRINGs BABY……no surprise there.

JOSEPH might be one of the people involved in our CHEAP PURCHASE, which might actually have to do with a HATE-type EXPERIMENT.

And TAYLOR might be associated with a new EXPLOSION in ART. I was going to say that it sounds like TAYLOR Swift will be announcing either a new album or a new tour (i.e., ART EXPLOSION). Yep, that news just came out: “Besides preparing the new single and upcoming world tour, Swift was just announced as one of Time Magazine‘s 100 most influential people.”

One might have to wonder if the CHEAP PURCHASE actually has to do with Taylor Swift? Neah…..


Oh, one last thing, and this might be a worthless comment, but I just thought this was really interesting. Do you see how FAIRLY shows up in our run today? Well, yesterday, FAIRY was at Red Alert levels yesterday and fell into the biggest loser section today. So, we have FAIRLY and FAIRY in the same run, and for some reason that strikes me as somewhat significant. Perhaps, the only reason this took place was to get me interested in connecting today's and yesterday's run. Follow this muse:

First, llook at the caution area of both runs. Yesterday was "OIL MANAGED SPIRAL" and today it's "LOCATED CHINESE BUNKER." Could this have anything to do with BUNKER OIL?

Now, if you're like me, you'd be saying, what the heck is BUNKER OIL? "Bunker fuel is a residual oil left over during the crude oil refining process – the leftover substance during the production process to create diesel and gasoline."

Did you notice that? BUNKER OIL spilled on the 9th of April in the ENGLISH Bay (There's your CROWN from today's run and there's also your SPIRAL ....spiral out of control.....from yesterday and today!)

Alright, so can we find a CHINESE connection here? Yes.

Those headlines were just a couple of hours ago, so that matches up nicely with the linguistics, since the dreams were input within the last 24 hours. And for our finale. We connect CHEAP PURCHASE to CHINESE BUNKER with this headline:

Therefore, going full circle, here's my hypothesis: Our RED ALERT today MIGHT have something to do with a financial acquisition of a CHEAP CHINESE BUNKER fuel firm. And of course, if this happens, expect the article to be far more important than what the attention that mainstream news gives it. Another important option is that since we have a CROWN connection with this CHEAP BUNKER meme, we might need to expect a CHINESE BUNKER spill (another SPIRAL out of control).

Anyone see a different possible connection?

[Image: 20150420%20Cheap.jpg]

UP Words:     cheap crocodile crown makes bunker chinese located convinced fairly epic cheese sexy spiral history bring baby hours building ever quiet awake april removed yeah joseph journal dial hate paying experiment dream look occur  

DOWN Words:   hide rooms interesting position planet record college plane exploring slide saw campus space were brief fire fairy very earth castle relief tree reading ring butt poor nap moon spiritual winter ship had been thanks unfortunate
Those are really great thought Chris and seem to work well.
I have a couple of additional thoughts. The following is a theme of baby/pregnant
number daily involving baby odd ten weekly 4-19
cheese up pregnant agreement 4-18
Crown (and) history bring baby hours building ever quiet awake april
I am guessing this is talking about the new royal baby due very shortly. Also at the top yesterday was "fairy" which would relate to a fairy tale princess reference, again Kate. Breast has also been popping up , an example from yesterday, "fairy unfortunate breast" so maybe there are breast feeding issues?

We have had Cheese for 3 days straight. Besides the word Wow, it is found with Pregnant and Baby over the past 3 days. While this would tie in to the "Crown Baby" I also see it paired with cheese as it is important to have dairy during pregnancy. Cheese is also tied with "poor" a few different times in the runs recently so maybe there is something happening with access to dairy for the poor and pregnant women with children like the U.S. WIC. Program.
Outstanding investigative work, Twice! When is this baby due and any idea why the collective might be dreaming about it at this juncture? Perhaps an increase in media coverage? Or maybe some sort of problem impending with the birth process?
Well, when dealing with The Royals, the best source would be a British tabloid right ? lol
Here you go.
Oh, forgot to add, she is due any day.
Well there ya go....that's probably why the collective has had these memes.

So maybe there will be something about this birth that connects the CHINESE and a CHEAP purchase Smile
I have been trying to figure out the meaning of the word JOURNAL in recent Dreambot Runs. It has appeared 7 times over the past month. 6 times in roughly 2 weeks. Why? What does it mean? I think perhaps it means news or journalism. Sometimes it seems to point to journal publications like a Medical Journal. At others, writing a personal journal.
Any thought on Journal?

3-22 rally simulator weekly relevant national chasing chicken angel JOURNAL soldiers breaking pocket James fruit drop mall sat luck god jelly smoked hope garage drag sword fail received responsible week older sleeping today war failed chest power

4-5 drunken chef creation guided lie presence April typical weekly worlds 2015 beginning exciting unknown death gonna JOURNAL dream dome thru visit global partner soldier arch sneaking sat shoes besides astral rich leaving cities sit attention lower shelter pay paying

4-9 pools master rocket busy Taylor added dawn Wednesday terror wed hooked agree clearly poor JOURNAL medical ghost staircase chased welcome alt changes spoke yeah Leo notified April relationship weight flies wrapping ajax dodge Joe loose init already question

4-10 DOWN Words: size shot needed dawn scary there line sense although again mission earth non stood called save blonde sent sound JOURNAL animals dance when vampire lower position wed wow park class dancing cool awesome master pool

4-11 corruption hint inline mason George class attraction flight creepy blur neighborhood quick realizing leopard JOURNAL indeed little horrible slight focus April fri war dream 2015 farm facility flames vote convenience click emotional sister become Taylor vampire color regular vision group iron mail

4-16-rose returning correct stuck accident JOURNAL lady wed weekly ten ring relax details goal worked mutual intersection reaction closely stress recently nice Canadian conversation old forget dawn notes sleeping neat cashier occur kiss

4-20 cheap crocodile crown makes bunker Chinese located convinced fairly epic cheese sexy spiral history bring baby hours building ever quiet awake april removed yeah Joseph JOURNAL dial hate paying experiment dream look occur
Okay, I'm going out on the proverbial meds needed, heh. On down in the list got my attention first...
"plane exploring slide saw campus space" maybe is the many military copters or planes flying over Jade Helm establishment camps, surveying how the setting-up phase is going, whether or not the "campus" refers to where citizens refusing to comply will be re-educated, or not.

Group 1, "crown" is barry, yes? maybe.....and "castle" way on down in list is again, probably our WHouse.
"castle relief" uh, because Jade Helm is going, so far just as planned?? well, they could be relieved over more than one thing at any given time since their tentacles are attached to more things than any other admin.

WTH? "april removed?" the whole year is "cities modify delete 2015" and now this? This is a strong botrun.

Group 2 still about our buffoon VP?

Read the wizard, this run is well, powerful is all I know for sure.

Oohh, Eagle1, I only read your first two or three lines and what hit me is that "cheap bought etc." is the "Chinese" purchase of America. Gotta call it as I see it, but correct me cuz there's likely something I'm not seeing yet and you're on it, as most often is true.

See? you've got "bunker oil' figured out and I've never heard of such a thing.

Here I am wanting to defined "crocodile" as a metaphor, and consider what "crocodile crown" could be.

This botrun's loaded, it feels. A good one to come back to.
Don't forget we are nearing the birth of a royal baby....That could be on people's minds.
Our crown baby appears to be on the way right now. crown...history bring baby hours building ever quiet awake april removed.
It just happens to be April Removed, aka May.
May mom and baby be healthy and happy.
It's a girl! Smile
In Group 3, "dream look occur taylor" could this or IS this pointing to a medical miracle of a girl in a coma and pronounced brain-dead, but she then awoke after life-support was turned off and is graduating next week? I really want to learn and get this right. Are these words doubtful, or obviously also pointing to her like at least one more run?
"taylor explosion" in this one and a "chinese bunker" also....just noting this, for now.
"taylor long explosion" does this have anything at all to do with today's run? We still don't know why "taylor" just will not go away, and as I'm trying to catch-up with runs the five or so months was gone, have seen "taylor" in a good number of runs. (sheesh, it had already worn out its welcome by last June!

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