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4/21/15 Warning: Project Bluebeam and the Sculpture of Doom
As the bot calculator unfolded the results list, my reaction was, “Whoa!” For the first time ever, we had a big increase in the number of positive surge scores, but all the actual surge scores decreased in value. It makes it look like we’re in a big lull, but we are definitely NOT. Thus, this is the first time that we have no Caution words. Just plain weird.

HEAVEN SAVED the PAPERS and the STAR NATURALLY HUNG FANTASTIC. Folks, we’re in that space and time that exists between the 3D world where we are and the otherly world where everything else exists. This is rather exciting, but we need to decipher what’s really implicated here.

Red Arrows: Tons of support for the word HEAVEN. The red arrows point to religious connotation (e.g., Jesus, Joseph, and Saved), a scientific connotation (e.g. Star, Stars, Energy), and it might have to do with an Eastern or New Age view of Heaven (e.g., VOID, Guide, Fairy).

Blue Arrows: These are all the important descriptors that I noticed. Rarely do they contradict!

Oh what the heck; can I just cut to the chase? Project Bluebeam for pete’s sake! Group 1 confirms it. HUNG FANTASTIC MIND…..Say good bye to reason as peoples’ minds get blown away from this SCULTPURE of DOOM and the ODD EXPERIMENT. Yes, it will be DRAMATIC, VIVID, AWESOME, SUDDEN (twinkling of an eye). It might also be something like the Mona Lisa, where the God figure in the sky will look to some like he is SAD, but he will also be SMILING, even if slight.

The only thing that has me confused is NATURALLY. Some aspect of this will occur NATURALLY, as bizarre as that sounds. I’m having a big problem conceptualizing which part will arise naturally. Maybe that’s just a simply typo—LOL!

[Image: 20150421%20Project%20Bluebeam.jpg]

UP Words:     heaven saved papers naturally star hung fantastic mind stars action sad congrats morning vivid smiling dramatic rights than fix strange sculpture doom awesome sudden traffic jesus mouth former experiment odd registration dream tiger

DOWN Words:   perhaps spider ocean important dog height entry void message shop tree secret writing ceiling guide fairy fly must figure ball joseph appreciate confusion winter upset reading energy unexpected convinced crown relationship chinese view spell fri
I am wondering if we are going to see a "sudden" change in the direction of the US Pres elections.

If this book is the scandal some (and I am being careful here) say might be disrupting and Hillary is knocked will turn into 1968 really quickly.
heaven saved naturally star Jesus mouth *former
I would look for a current or former famous reverend (Jesus mouth) to be in the news.

Also Eagle, your Chinese Oil British meme from yesterday is still here today.
energy unexpected convinced crown relationship Chinese
Twice, I can always rely on you to pick up the missing pieces! I can't believe RELATIONSHIP was sandwiched between CROWN and CHINESE. Well done and thanks for speaking up!!

Emocmo, Yeah, you certainly have a case here, however, I will point out all the past presidents all had damning books coming out during the elections. Webster Tarpley, I believe, put out a super enlightening and well-researched book about the Bush dynasty, going all the way back to pre-Nazi Germany and the foundational $$ for the CIA. Then, of course, there was the book about the usurper in chief, and that didn't seem to anything but anger a few thousand Americans (not enough to cause an uprising or anything). I guess my point is that in my worldview, THEY own not only the presidential candidates, but they also own the actual election system. Your vote doesn't go anywhere to get counted because about 6 months prior to you check-marking the box for your candidate, the decision was already made on who the Prez would be. How else could a no-name, bumbling idiot who recently changed their name and social security number actually make it into the top dog position? No, of course, there's no corruption here in the US; that only happens in the 3rd world countries......AH HA HA, always good to get a strong belly laugh going in the early evening! Smile Smile 

...and as always, I could be wrong. I could be so very wrong on all accounts, so I'm glad you documented your input here. We value differing views at the NDC, but we do require an open mind. Thanks for being here, emocmo!!
I saw this astounding botrun list and closed it, LOL, returning a phone call that was overdue. Reading the Wizard...

Okay, Blue Beam is real?! Glad to know from educated, meditated and discerning soul like you, Eagle1! Heard of it for many years.

I know, respect and am secure in myself as a bible-believer, that lots of folks don't share my beliefs. So, I expect Blue Beam to be used as a great deception before the real event, and shouldn't doubt what you suggest here. I don't.
Even in my 20s I would tell those close to me that the emerging UFO movies/sightings were starting so that folks could think of Jesus' return as a UFO event instead. (Not preaching or trying to proselytize here.)

Well, as a believer I have no problem with "naturally" being in the mix. So, could the bot run be talking of folks dreaming of the real event coming? or is this a reference to the dreamers that believe there is Project Bluebeam coming, and then same sight will happen "naturally?"

Or, could it be saying that the stars hung naturally while the Project Bluebeam, fake return of Jesus happens? Maybe.

"crown unexpected Chinese relationship?" Maybe "crown" is not referring to barry as I had suspected, because I wouldn't think a Chinese relationship" for him would be unexpected by the majority, not anymore. Personally, a "British or Saudi" Chinese relationship is something I personally find "unexpected." So, what the heck?
Some people can't imagine that Blue Beam is real. It's just too much for their mainstream brain to wrap around. Too conspiratorial.

But what if I can show you Blue Beam technology in real time? Ha, that's super easy! Dubai isn't afraid to share the Western technology with the world. In America, we see it too,  such as on 9/11, a plane impacting a building in NYC

World's First Hologram Protest in Spain
blue beam is real...and ive been pondering if maybe that's why the "king" in my dream looks "glassy" or "shimmery"
We've all been wondering just what is up with the word 'Jesus' these days -

04-12-15: rift adventure Jesus fart corruption April paranoid drowning
04-13-15: signs jungle unexpected occur Christian giant
04-14-15: April got jungle cream fart corruption Jesus fri rift temple thanks
04-21-15: fix strange sculpture doom awesome sudden traffic Jesus mouth former experiment

Michigan Priest Urges Flock To Start Carrying Guns For Self-Defense

Or maybe 'heaven' -

04-15-15: global heaven brainwashed stress lap caused flew change intersection prepare landing between other 2015 remove
04-21-15: heaven saved papers naturally star hung fantastic mind stars action sad congrats
Thanks, Sherriann! I am phenomenally regretful that I somehow missed "Prepare Landing" on 4/15. Not to change the subject, but Bluebeam can do a great job with UFOs, too!
(04-21-2015, 08:09 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Thanks, Sherriann! I am phenomenally regretful that I somehow missed "Prepare Landing" on 4/15. Not to change the subject, but Bluebeam can do a great job with UFOs, too!

Many possibilities....
Chinese Crown makes me think of Jade Helm

(re-posted this after messing up an edit)
NFL Rookie Player Prince Shembo killed his girlfriend's dog by kicking it to death and is facing animal cruelty charges

Rookie NFL Football player (important height ENTRY figure ball) Prince Shembo (crown) killed (void) his girlfriend's (relationship) DOG (dog) by kicking it (upset energy unexpected).
Down words... important dog height entry void... figure ball... upset energy unexpected... crown relationship ...fri

Side note: He was charged today and the Falcons waved him. Hey, today is Friday, that works too. Poor dog.
I don't know if we can track it that way. I think that is how Eagle wants it if there isn't a number to go with it. I think I am only supposed to put numbers on things that are huge. ( and then I will likely ask if it makes sense the first few times since this is new for me). I believe I am supposed to do it this way otherwise.

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