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Yeah, we're getting off topic, but soon this forum will be considered "the old forum" so I don't mind answering certain questions in the locale where they are asked.

Does the dreambot see the replies? It depends. It depends on how the database is set up, mainly. In our old dreambase, the answer is no, but in our alternate forum, the answer is yes. The same yes/no be said for the multitudes of other dream sites that we venture into every single morning. It is an important question, though, because as everyone knows, there can be this concept of what George Ure calls "meaningful resonance." In general, I'd say that all the comment threads that dreambot sees should be easily considered "meaningful resonance," but we can't make the mistake of always making that assumption.

However, with the lack of manpower at this juncture, we do have to shave off this concern in the short term because we just don't have the technology and/or oversight to do the necessary gnat's ass weeding on a daily basis. Therefore, one would wonder that since we don't separte comments from dreams, does that affect our stats? Most certainly, and actually is the #1 reason that Project August was only an 89% success rate, versus something much higher. But I digress.... Smile
Not intentionally, not me right now. People have dreamed the word "barry" over and over, it being in a lot of days' bot runs, so I'm now referring to BO as "barry" fulltime. Heck, at Twitter and other places online we'd been doing that anyway, just like we typed GW for the last leader.

That's the cool thing about bot runs and the Dreams' collective consciousness....a lot of folks do dream have the same exact words or phrases in their dreams on one day, hence the "surge" score in Eagle1's bot runs.

No, it's my understanding that the bots just look at the dreams all over the internet.

Aha, Eagle1 answered you and now I've learned something about it, too.
Way cool~

(04-24-2015, 03:44 PM)XeeMaye Wrote: I heard it on NPR yesterday, but didn't hear about the Italian either.

Still, I'm also a Montana girl....I don't live there now but my heart does.  
And I also love Trader Joe's!

Nanny - Do you mean to say that you use the word Barry in place of his name when recording dreams?  
And I assume the bots just look at the dream posts, not the replies yes?
Sorry, learning curve - maybe not the right thread to ask in.
All great information, thank you.
Curious, do you have an ETA on how soon will this be the "old forum"?

Barry, got it. But funny, I've actually not heard him called that yet! Hmmm
I think it was in Indonesia as an elementary school aged boy that his name was "Barry Soetero." I think pals called him that even during his highschool, basketball playing days, but may not be remembering accurately.
It's cool that folks keep dreaming "barry."

(04-24-2015, 04:26 PM)XeeMaye Wrote: All great information, thank you.  
Curious, do you have an ETA on how soon will this be the "old forum"?

Barry, got it.  But funny, I've actually not heard him called that yet!  Hmmm
ETA? Great question. How about April 1st, 2015. Yeah, you saw that right. My developer is so dang slow. It is nearing the end, and then I have to go in and transfer the database and set up the forums. Except I'm super busy with life right now. Sooooo, I'm now shooting to have the new one out by the time I present at the IASD conference in June, and/or before my podcast with Jim Harold gets aired. My interview with him will be recorded in May.
Well I'll be sending you positive vibes and well wishes to make it all happen. I look forward to the interview and the new forum, whenever it comes to fruition!

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