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CameTrue 4/23/15 Hank Falling
Hank Williams, Jr.? Hank Green? Hanky panky?

Folks, this is the epitome of a Lull. There could be some sort of bot trouble this morning, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to investigate. I’ll try to make an additional run this afternoon, but for now, we do have some interesting linguistics. HANK FALLING might be SIGNIFICANT.

Group 1 has possible interpretations. What could SUCK CREDIT faster than food stamp PAYMENTS to the new massive wave of immigrants?

Easter is past, and regardless that this word has a measly 7.9 surge score, it is located right on it’s all time high. Maybe something that happened on EASTER this year is lingering, or maybe we’re already starting to see next year’s EASTER in the bot runs.

Oh yea, and ADULTS are concerned about SAD RIGHTS. Yep, duh. Of course. Thanks, bot.

[Image: 20150423%20Hank.jpg]

UP Words:     hank falling wed significant ear payment taco valid sessions suck credit easter mostly stall interesting industrial mike patrick dreamer sadly smiling etc clothing concerned adult sad rights henry surface life emotional fucking agreement

DOWN Words:   talking hall hate daughter lucid police told thank focus fire girlfriend changing ability boy changed fight up carrying view apartment job class baby mon afraid sun days than
Hank Williams popped immediately into my mind. Maybe random of course, but when Will Smith did so, too upon me glancing the name "Smith" in a run, soon he was in the Sony email hacking news story, so just in case.

Group 1, the Mexican Peso dramatically lost value this year, but how is it today? More than that, how is their credit right now?

"Easter stalled industry" or my too-literal self is keeping me from seeing clearly? Yeah, I guess every holiday affects some industry but really, what is this about?

I think I'll read, but there's more to peruse. Was Henry the possible studmuffin yesterday too? Gotta look and dang to add some names to that list. Failed to do so yesterday.
Well, this was hard to find but Jimmy Fallon mentioned it tonight so I went searching and found it eventually.
significant ear payment taco
Taco Bell lobbied( significant ear payment) Congress with 6000 tacos for Congress and staff on Tuesday. The only article I found was from today.
Yea, I know, big whoop!
While this story probably doesn't fit anything but the word taco, it made me chuckle.
Hey, I just realized another one. lol
Patrick dreamer sadly smiling
If you have at any point in your life watched Grey's Anatomy in it's 11 year history you may understand why Patrick and Dreamer are in the dreambotrun. I did not watch the episode but Spoiler Alert...Partrick Dempsey's character, Dr. McDreamy was killed off in tonight's episode, shocking many a fan. I am sure it was a sad episode and he is know for flashing a "sad smile".

Who thinks of these things?? lol
(04-24-2015, 01:01 AM)DLP Wrote: While this story probably doesn't fit anything but the word taco, it made me chuckle.
Oh my gosh, it's a real life Annie Wilkes! (lead character of 'Misery')

This is a big hit for Windy and the bot. Why this troubling story hasn't received more attention is beyond me.

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