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4/24/15 Red Alert: Surging Dreams indicate a Jacked up Class
There’s not a substantial amount of support for our Red Alert words today, but holy cow. From the lull yesterday, I really wasn’t expecting such a surprising upheaval in dreamland. You’d be hard pressed to find a higher surge score than today’s top word CLASS. JACK was rather impressive also, considering that names rarely ever get to a surge score of 100. So, what the heck is our Red Alert signaling? Thanks for asking, but I’m not sure I have all the answers here.

CLASS matches with SCHOOL, which is also above the Caution threshold (by the way, notice how low the yellow caution bar is today….that’s a great indication that dreams exploded last night). Also, while in class, it helps to have FOCUS and most students eventually become BORED. From here, things get sketchy.

NOSTALGIA is certainly not associated here, but it’s a rather strange word to have that level of surge. Let me share something that didn’t make our chart, but you can verify this linguistics phrase in the text below the picture. In the DOWN WORDS, the linguistics said, “GOD BELIEVED CONCERNED.” Notice how FEAR is also indicated on our chart at about a surge score of 30.

Okay, so far I believe the big things out of this run are: SCHOOL/CLASS, JACK, and FEAR/CONCERNED. JACK could be a person, a game, or even a verb. Maybe a SCHOOL gets JACKed up. The word that we haven’t yet discussed is DOUBLE, which actually gets some really weak support from down below. To me, this means that whenever this JACKed up CLASS story arises, we can probably expect a second similar story that will seem like a duplicate of the first.

[Image: 20150424%20jack%20class.jpg]

UP Words:     class jack dream double solid up nostalgia bored hint one bath had there inline focus than into back shock lucid mode alive goes around why were empty switch school fear blur now picture

DOWN Words:   god believe concerned meeting fade song interesting gold blonde dogs makes thank nap etc ear alone dreamer significant drive email entry sessions moon entries sad cheap send hank david add forum message profile private view
Heard about this on morning radio, and it is about students as their stage collapsed into the orchestra pit.

Not in the zone right now. Read~

oh! "Nostalgia" works since these students were singing the old band Journey's song "Don't Stop Believin."

Ahh, a "double?" My wordy self didn't type it but not being in the zone, I doubted myself that this story is a hit so I thought I'd next type that this one feels like this bunch of words will have multiple hits "if this one is even a hit." If I'm lyin, I'm Foxworthy says.

"God believed concerned" is powerful concerning any subject. I just think it's interesting context that the kids were singing "Don't Stop believing" literally as then the floor fell under them.

Lastly, for now anyway is that very sad coincidence is that this state, Indiana is the one that had an outdoor festival and during a concert that whole temporary building crashed down on them, back in 2011!

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