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Dream sent in from
G. Ure sent me this....a forward from one of his readers:

New Dream to tell you about. Definitely another Irwin Allen variety. In part of the dream I was myself and another part I was someone else listening to a conversation. The first part of the dream opens up with me listening to a conversation between two men. I noticed that I was some sort of Secret service type of person because I was carrying a gun but was in a grey suit and my job was to be on watch for the two men having a conversation. The two men speaking were not the president but two other gentlemen who I did not recognize at least from my own point of view. Their conversation specifically said in Two days “ the event” is going to happen and then they started talking about a college football game they were going to that night. I believe they said it was a USC football game. So maybe that gives me some West Coast as a possibility of where the event was going to happen. They said they felt bad for all of the kids who will be at the football game as they don’t know they only have 2 days left most likely. I then turned into myself and found myself across the street from an underground type facility. At that point I witnessed a bunch of military vehicles escorting what was the largest cylinder shaped cargo that the truck was carrying. When I say it was about 400 feet long. It looked like it was as long as what you see rockets are when launching the space shuttle type of deal. And some stranger turned to me and said what is that? And I said there is only one thing that could be and that is a nuclear warhead. And he said how do you know? and I said because of all of the military escorting it and the shape of it. I then turned and ran a few blocks where all of the sudden it was a bright beautiful sunny day and I am now outside of the football stadium.  I am out of breath from running. I have a panicked feeling in my stomach and I am now with my wife who for some reason does not believe me when I tell her something is about to happen and then I wake up
Next USC game (away)
USC Trojans
Saturday, October 11, 7:30 PM on ESP2
Arizona Stadium, Tucson, Arizona

Next USC game (home)
Saturday, October 18th
Playing Colorado

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