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I don’t know if this will help you but there may be a clue in it. I am 58 and have always dreamed every night and remember parts of my dreams. The last two nights I have had a completely unique experience that I will label, “Nested Dreaming”. I have no details but I do know that while dreaming I observed myself get in bed and go to sleep and then saw myself asleep and dreaming something else. Then my observed dreaming self wakes and then I wake to realize I was having a dream within a dream.


Ah, nested dreaming! This is actually fairly common…I would surmise that it’s on par with precognitive dreaming, numbers-wise. Take my own life for example: I’ve had 2 nested dreams, 2 precognitive dreams, and 2 telepathic dreams (that I remember). (I’ll leave my wife’s numbers out of this discussion, because they are just too far out from the norm!)

From my experience nested dreams are fascinating the first time they happen. Then any subsequent ones are just downright disorienting! 🙂

But to answer your first sentence, “there may be a clue in it,” your dream experience here, to me, highlights what we found in the collective dream analysis. Specifically, the push-pull of the upcoming cross formation. On the one hand, you’re tired and need to sleep/dream, but on the other hand, your body wants to wake up. It can’t decide to be asleep or be awake. This is precisely the type of stuff I’d expect from the contradictory energies affecting us.

Fortunately, the solution is simple: just be aware of it. As you go through the next few days, spend extra time feeling the two different sides. Notice the result in the center; it might feel like anxiousness or angst. Mentally, you try to coax yourself to do something, but your body doesn’t seem to be responding. OR it could be the opposite…body is busy, while mind is saying, “I should be lying down right now.” The solution is just to be aware of it…and be good with what you find. That’s the hardest part!

Happy Dreaming…double dreaming, that is!


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