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Alaska Dream, 3.6.17
Dreamed I am riding in a car with other people and there are multiple cars following each other. We arrived at a large cabin. The cabin has old yellow paint that has worn off in places showing red wood beneath the paint.

Everyone walks into the cabin and I say that I will organize the set up. The men decide they are going outside to look around and get food. I decide we are going to set up one room at a time and we’ll start with the kitchen. The house is beautiful and old with lots of windows and wood. The men come back in the house and we all start talking about our favorite part of the house and the area. I like that we are on a hill with lots of trees. End of Dream.
Thanks given by: pink Rose , Maysea , heavendreamer
I see that you called this an Alaska dream, but is it possible it's another location, like Colorado or Idaho?
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Odd another "cabin"dream, complete with old yellow paint, mountains...just curious...symbolism possibly...
Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Someone in the group said, I can't believe I'm finally getting to live in Alaska, so that's how I knew it was Alaska. It wasn't too cold so it must have been summer.

I haven't been reading the dreams lately. I"'ll have to look for the ones about cabins.
Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Ah. Ok. Thanks.
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