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Receive a holistic approach to managing energy disturbances, out-of-control mood swings, chronic depression, etc. Choice Theory tells us that brain chemistry is affected by our cognitive and behavioral choices. Learn specific techniques to not only bring you back into control again, but have a heightened sense of purpose, contentment, creativity, and life satisfaction. Relevant mental health issues: Bipolar, depression, dysthymia, etc.

Service options: Counseling, Psychotherapy, Life Coach

If you have nightmares and it makes you feel helpless or victimized, this category is for you. Be aware that this category can work interchangeably with the anxiety-based category, with one causing the other and vice versa. Several different approaches might be necessary and the client’s own belief system is actually instrumental in deciding which theory to best use. Related mental health issues: Recurring Nightmares, Dream Anxiety Disorder, Insomnia Disorder, PTSD, etc.

Services: Counseling and Psychotherapy [Trauma-Focused CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Transpersonal Psychology etc.], Dreamwork, Dream Therapy, and more.

Always flinching? Can’t seem to relax? Maybe you even have nightmares? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has demonstrated to be very effective at reducing the suffering caused by trauma or runaway anxiety. Chronic stress can be disastrous to the immune system and impede in your daily life. Related mental health issues: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, etc.

Services: Counseling, Psychotherapy, Dreamwork, Dream therapy

In the world of Transpersonal Psychology, spiritual crisis can and does look a lot like psychosis. Therefore, some clients exhibiting symptoms of psychosis might be going through more of a spiritual crisis and would benefit far more from a Transpersonal Psychotherapist than receiving the mainstream treatments. Of course, not all psychosis should be handled this way, so if you or someone you know is exhibiting signs of unusual upheaval, sign up for a Spiritual Crisis assessment.

Services: Transpersonal Counseling

Are you at the crossroads in life? Have you been struggling with a major life decision and can’t make heads or tails? We all reach this at some point and none of us want to make the wrong decision. There are many ways to assist in this pivotal juncture, but it requires the client to first ask for help. The common “Mid-Life Crisis” can be one obvious example of this category, or a decision to change jobs, get out of or start a marriage, or heart-wrenching loss in one’s life.

Services: Counseling, Life Coach, Dreamwork, Spiritual Mentor

In Existential Theories, a lack of purpose in one’s life can make someone feel hopeless, depressed, addicted, or otherwise dysfunctional. Finding meaning is not a simple process for a lot of people, but the shear act of finding purpose can be enough to yank someone out of addiction, psychosis, depression, etc.

Services: Counseling [Existential Counseling, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), etc.], Life Coach, Dreamwork, Human Design, and more.

So much of dysfunctional problem sets are caused by or results in substance use.  Sometimes the problems are very difficult to untangle and differentiate. If you have addictions and some sort of mental health disorder, chances are high that you could benefit from Co-Occurring Counseling or Psychotherapies.

Services: Counseling, Psychotherapy (It is strongly recommended to treat this issue with one of these services. Therefore, you will need to ensure we have a therapist who is licensed in your state for Co-Occurring Disorders.)

The above list represents the more common issues facing most clients. If your problem set isn’t listed, contact us to see if we can help reduce your negative life experiences.


All services are treated equally in terms of your confidentiality in accordance with federal HIPAA regulations.


LPC • LAC  • LMFT   •  LSW

Counselors hold at least a Master’s Degree in Counseling or a related field (e.g., marriage and family therapy, social work, etc.) Counselors seek to resolve specific problems in the person’s life. Psychotherapy and counseling are sometimes considered synonymous, but counseling is more oriented towards problem-solving without necessarily giving advice. Instead, the client will be given tools and techniques to extract solutions to their own issues. Counselors are familiar with various theories and techniques to best serve the client. Droves of people have been helped by this method, also called “talk therapy.”


Standard individual session (45 min): $100
Initial session for an individual (75 min): $100
Standard session for couples (75 min) $120
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Psychologist • LPC • LAC  • LMFT  •  LSW

Like counselors, psychotherapists normally hold at least a Master’s Degree in Counseling or a related field. Keep in mind that different states have different laws concerning psychotherapy (for example, Colorado allows for psychotherapists who have no training or education).  Psychotherapist are more concerned about resolving dysfunction in the client’s life patterns or problems with how the person interacts with the world. Psychotherapists use techniques and theories change deeply subconscious patterns. Psychotherapy and counseling are sometimes considered synonymous, so if one has a hard time differentiating them, we have good news….the prices are exactly the same.


Standard individual session (45 min): $100
Initial session for an individual (75 min): $100
Standard session for couples (75 min) $120
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DreamWorker • LPC • LAC • LMFT • LSW

DreamWorkers have a certification for dream-related training and education. Many times, these people strictly work with dreams in a varying array of strategies and techniques. Therapists also have training, but typically apply dream therapy protocols to resolve deeper psychological issues. The amount of different dream protocols and theories for dreamwork and dream therapy is eye-watering and vast. Lucid dreaming might be used for both dreamwork and dream therapy, depending on the goals and abilities of the client.


DreamWork session (45 min): $50
Dream Therapy: Refer to Psychotherapy prices
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Find out the REAL you!

It has been referred to as ‘astrology on steroids.’ Using date and time of birth, the chart can reveal amazing insights about your life purpose and how to interact with the world. For $100, you will discuss your precise design with a trained professional. A breathtaking journey of self-discovery awaits you.

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Sometimes we need substantial motivation to transform or solve big problems. Your life coach will challenge you, motivating you and creating your catalyst for real change. You will be shown how to grow and persevere in your current struggle, while also designing a specific gameplan to achieve the goals you develop together.


Individual sessions: $100 (60 minutes)

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Spiritual health is paramount in keeping individuals on track, giving them purpose and inspiration. Your personal orientation to your Higher Power will be respected, encouraged, and even strengthened. Your Spiritual Mentor is there to teach, guide, and encourage. Attain new levels of spiritual development with your new Spiritual Mentor.


Individual sessions: $50 (60 minutes)

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“Our services are intended to heal the individual, and at the same time, incrementally begin to heal the collective unconscious. Freeing your mind from control is a step towards freeing the collective.”